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LA sales galore

Two sales will be going on in LA next weekend. I can't decide if I should shop or go to my favorite annual Festival of Books.

Charles David: All shoes, boots, and handbags are up to 80% off.

Stila: World famous cosmetics are up to 50% to 80% off.

Iced green tea

People who know me tell me I have a tendency to overdose on things I like. I usually disagree, but I think this might ring true this time.

I am so in love with the iced green tea at Curry House. Could it be the sweetness I am attracted to or is it the granular green tea flavor? I'm not sure yet. I do know that I feel a little bloated after drinking several glasses last night and today. I lost count on how many I had. Oops!

My lovely obsession:

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention the food at Curry House. Try the chicken katsu curry (spicy). It's delish!

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Curry House -

Seaside Donuts Bakery

This morning, I scarfed this amazing bear claw donut I bought at Seaside Donuts Bakery in Newport Beach last night.

Returning to this bakery brings back warm memories of going to the beach with my family. On Saturday mornings when I was a little girl, my mom would buy fresh fish at Dory's Fleet while my dad, brother and I got some yummy donut treats and hot chocolate to chow down on while we walk on the beach.

The price is right on, too! I purchased a bear claw donut filled with apple cinnamon goodness, blueberry muffin, and a delicious oatmeal raisin cookie for $3! Now imagine buying all that at another OC bakery. Mmm!

My pictures don't do justice to this little piece of heaven.

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Seaside Donuts Bakery (Yelp link) -

Omega 3's

The lunch places around Irvine can get old pretty quick. There is one though that I don't mind. It's Baja Fish Tacos in Laguna Hills. The blackened fish taco is way fresh with a generous serving of rice and beans. Other highlights include the fresh salsa bar and yummy chips and guacamole. That's how much I like the place, look at my run on sentence.

So, whenever you need to get your omega 3's, be sure to check out this place. Mmm!

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Baja Fish Tacos -


I don't consider myself an Imelda Marcos shoe lover, but others have noticed something strange about me lately.

In my car, you can always find two or three pairs of shoes. I have one for driving (beige moccasin's or Ugg-style boots from Target or black Sanuk's), a pair for work (comfy black Khussa flats, black leather boots, black Naturalizer wedges, or natural linen heels), and another for working out (Nike sneaks - spinning class/biking or flip flops - yoga class). I wonder if my behavior is strange and if others do this too.

Here's a scene from my passenger side:

Filipino desserts

When I was in Manila a few months back, I was taken to Via Mare restaurant. This place is known for their Filipino desserts. We tried a variety on the table, but the memorable ones were bibingka and palitaw. (Look at me sporting the word "memorable" like Top Chef, haha!)

Bibingka is this yummy rice dessert made with coconut milk, sugar, egg, and butter. (There's a good place in Carson called Manila Sunset that also makes a good version.) The part that makes it so unique to me is that it is baked in banana leaf so this dessert gives off this nice homemade aroma.

Palitaw was interesting. I learned it's made from sweet rice, water, coconut, sugar and sesame seeds. Cooks usually mix the ingredients together and drop it into water. When the dessert is ready, it rises to the surface and you remove it and let it cool. How cool is that to make! Though it was a little too cocunuty for my taste, I do like how it is prepared.

More info:
Via Mare -


I decided to expand my horizons tonight by trying a local Japanese restaurant here in Irvine. S.Sushinoya had a fine selection of sushi rolls on the menu. I ordered the dragon roll (spicy tuna on top but crunchy roll underneath), spider rolls (me love my some soft shell crab!), and unagi sushi (mmm!). All in all, I thought the sushi was tasty and fresh. My favorite was the dragon roll as seen below.

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S.Sushinoya -

Vegas favorites

I'll make this a lil' pictorial essay and name my favorite things from my weekend Las Vegas trip.

1. Wynn buffet
My generous cousin treated me and some friends to the awesome Wynn buffet on Saturday. This is probably a loaded statement, but I'd have to say it's one of the best buffets in Vegas. I've tried the Bellagio, Monte Carlo and Rio if that counts for anything. The selection at the Wynn was impressive. Name tag labels hung over each dish. They had a fine selection of sushi like spicy tuna hand rolls and vegetable rolls, Italian mushroom ravioli, flaky Dungeness crab legs, huge slabs of prime rib, and shrimp cocktail galore.

Best of all, they had a delicious array of dessert choices. As you can see in my lovely photo, I tried a nice variety of tiramisu, creme brulee, white chocolate cherry cheesecake and the best one of all, banana chocolate mousse. That last one tasted like a decadent banana creme pie. Mmmm!!

2. Fashion shows
I can name two reasons why I love F…