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ET, phone home

Californians lives will change tomorrow. A new law will take effect tomorrow that will require drivers to use a hands free device while operating a motor vehicle.

I'm such a product of marketing and read about this Motorola Hands-Free Headset H680 in a blog and knew I had to have it. So much for researching other brands or checking out other headsets! It only took two people to teach me how to use it. One friend said you have to charge it first and another helped me sync it to my LG phone. I love using it. It's so comfortable and dainty.

My new toy:

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Best Buy -

Diddy Riese

After eating sushi in Westwood, my girlfriend suggested we get Diddy Riese for dessert. She claimed they had better cookies than Mrs. Fields and yummy ice cream sandwiches better than BJ's pizookie.

That alone got me intrigued, so I didn't really mind falling in the long line for cookies and ice cream. I watched the friendly staff serve folks all types of treats from ice cream sandwiches, brownies, hot dogs, to cookies.

After much thought, I decided on a half dozen cookies (oatmeal raisin, sugar cinnamon, chocolate chip, chocolate chip with walnut, white chocolate macadamia) and a ice cream sandwich with chocolate chip cookies. All this goodness for $3.50.

Look at my delicious chocolate chip cookies sandwiched between vanilla bean ice cream:

More info:
Diddy Riese, 926 Broxton Ave, Los Angeles, CA

Top Shoes

I met up with a girlfriend last night and she took me to this dope shoe store in Westwood. I thought maybe she was taking me to a typical shoe store like DSW or Nine West, but, nope, she took me to something way cooler.

When I first walked into Top Shoes, I was immediately overwhelmed by the vast selection in this small boutique. All the discounted shoes were arranged by style like flats, heels, gladiator flats, to sandals and made it so easy to browse through. I saw some brands like Kenneth Cole and Classified there too.

My newest gladiator flats in pewter for $15:

More info:
Top Shoes, 933 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

Shiny happy people

I'm into organic food so why not organic or natural hair products?

Since I love Burt's Bees lip balm, I thought their other products might be worth a shot so recently bought Burt's Bees Super Shiny Grapefruit & Sugar Beet Shampoo and Conditioner at my local Target. Though it doesn't offer a big lather, it sure does leave my hair clean and shiny. The scent is subtle and seems to make my weak hair stronger (I'm prone to breakage!). Not too shabby for $16 for shampoo and conditioner.

These are mine, get your own (ha!):

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Burt's Bees -

Fanny packs

Maybe I'm inspired by the America's Best Dance Crew Fanny Pak team. Or maybe I read this LA Times article.

I was excited to find this Xhilaration fanny pack at Target on clearance for $4.98! It's navy blue and khaki. It will totally go with my weekend wear this summer. I dangled this fanny pack onto my olive James Perse dress at the mall last Sunday and got some looks from other women (hopefully good!)

Check out my new fanny pack:

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Target -


My friends rave about this place and even have Wingnuts cards to prove what frequent patrons they are. I was excited they invited me for dinner and couldn't wait to try the crispy buffalo hot wings they love.

The overall experience was good, though the service was on the slow side due to a large party outside. I ordered ten buffalo hot wings with ranch dressing. They came with propeller chips (aka potato chips). I didn't care too much for those so ordered a side of their fries. Waffle cut, my favorite! The wings weren't as spicy as I'd like, but overall I left a happy camper after eating just five wings. Next time, I think I'll get the kid's size version and try the honey bbq flavor.

A before picture:

More info:
Wingnuts, 3030 Harbor Blvd, Costa Mesa, CA


I was treated to a healthy lunch the other day. HealthyCA is a tasty vegetarian friendly spot that serves salads and sandwiches.

The generous portion of Asian salad I ate was filled with tofu, cucumbers, black sesame seeds, seaweed, buckwheat noodles and oriental dressing. The side of quinoa salad was absolutely scrumptious too. Not bad for $8.95.

A visual of my lovely salad:

More info:
HealthyCa, 4724 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA

Kéan Coffee

I have heard about Kéan Coffee before and always wanted to try. The founder used to own the Diedrich Coffee places around OC until Starbucks swooped them all up.

This coffeehouse was pretty busy at 7 in the morning. A lot of business types were hanging around before heading off to work. One impressive thing I noticed was their commitment to the environment. Notes were posted on the wall to customers that used coffee grounds were available to use to fertilize soil. The coffee sleeves on the cups even had messages to bring back the sleeve to save resources.

Overall, the place had a cozy feel with an eclectic collection of tea, coffee, and non-coffee drinks. I ordered the soy chai tea latte and it was hot and delicious. It wasn't too spicy with an overload of cinnamon, spices, and black tea but pretty balanced overall.

My lovely chai tea cup:

More info:
Kéan Coffee, 2043 Westcliff Drive, Newport Beach, CA

Gladiator flats

I was on Old Navy's Web site the other day and saw they had summer sandals for $19.50. I couldn't pass up that bargain and went to two Old Navy stores in OC to see for myself. I ending up buying these gorgeous gold Gladiator flats last week. So far, I have worn them with a black dress and olive dress. I like how the gold shoes give my outfits a pop of color.

Check out these goodies:

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Old Navy -

You're a star

I attended a graduation bbq last night and devoured tons of yummy food from gumbo, hot dogs, crawfish, to bbq chicken. What caught my eye on their dining room table were the homemade vanilla cupcakes with pink icing. They weren't like normal cupcakes but in the shape of a star. How cute is that?! I gotta check out my local grocery store to find those cute little tins.

Pretty cupcakes

Laying out at the beach can be exhausting. To recover yesterday, I grabbed a Fuji bottled water at 7-11. The water quenched my thirst, but I knew I wanted something more.

I decided to drop by Sprinkles for some cupcakes before heading home, but when I saw that crazy line, I knew I didn't feel like waiting. I remembered hearing about the cupcakes at Bristol Farms and totally wanted to try the raspberry lemon cupcake.

When I arrived to the bakery in the back of the store, I was giddy with excitement from the great selection. I saw German chocolate, cookies and cream, black forest, and many more. Lookie here!

I selected three flavors: raspberry lemon, white chocolate, and strawberry. Each cupcake is $2.99. Look how pretty they are!

The raspberry lemon cupcake I tried at home was sheer perfection. It had the perfect hint of lemon in the cupcake and the raspberry icing was a nice contrast to compliment the lemon flavor. The strawberry and white chocolate are up next and I'm sure tho…

Thai lunch

Before laying out in Laguna Beach today, a friend and I were bouncing ideas back and forth on where to eat for lunch. Taco Loco? BJ's? Thai food? When I said thai food, his eyes lit up. I decided to take him to a restaurant I haven't been to in a couple years called Laguna Thai By the Sea.

The restaurant is small and humble with a few locals there for lunch. We got excited by the combo lunch specials for $8.95 on the menu.

My friend ordered the chicken satay and chicken pad thai. I knew he liked his food when he cleaned off his plate.

The chicken curry and chicken pad thai I had was delicious and filling, especially when you put some hot red pepper flakes on it.

More info:
Laguna Thai By The Sea, 31715 Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Beard Papas

After a grueling day watching the live version of Court TV all day, I was happy to bite into a cream puff from Beard Papa's. I first tried Beard Papa's a few years ago when I was covering's birthday party at Hollywood and Highlands. It was a pleasant surprise when I saw Beard Papas in the food court at MainPlace Mall in Santa Ana.

The original vanilla flavor has the smoothest custard I've ever tasted. I've tried a bunch of cream puffs in Little Saigon and nothing compares to Beard Papa's. I love it too that the workers put the custard in the cream puff right before your very eyes.

More info:
Beard Papas -

Free cupcakes

Sweet Lorraines at Irvine Spectrum had a grand opening tonight and was offering free cupcakes. My co-workers and I tried an array of cupcakes from peanut butter, red velvet, lemon, and vanilla. I got lemon and vanilla ones. They were pretty good with a nice balance of frosting with cake. It was moist and not over the top sweet like other cupcakes.

Bike gear

Just enjoyed a nice bike ride to the gym and back. Whoo, am I tired?! I'm bummed my bicycle gloves are coming apart. I must buy a new yellow pair. I love how comfortable they are. The foam padding for my palms rocks!

I also want to get a cool mirror for my helmet. How cool would it be to have a rearview mirror on your helmet?! Check out this guy:

I am slightly disappointed in the selection of women's bicycle clothing I've seen in sports stores. If designers can make cute yoga clothes, when will they make cute bicycle clothing? I guess I'll be stuck wearing my usual AE sweats and Old Navy tanks.

Photo credit: Performance Bicycle

Denver eats

I stuffed myself silly in the 303 last weekend. Here are some highlights:

Chocolate chip waffle @ Waffle House

Sunny side eggs, smothered hash brownies, and toast @ Waffle House

Homemade strawberry rhubarb pie

Three play trio of fried calamari, ginger chicken egg rolls and crab cakes @ Park Meadow's California Cafe

Dessert galore at a wedding reception. Banana lumpia, chocolate cake, strawberry shortcake and fruit sticks pictured.

Sales alerts

I learned from my inbox that:
*Bath & Body Works is having a summer clearance sale online and in stores. Shower gel, body wash, and Wallflowers are on sale.

*The OC Spring Glam Sale will be Saturday, June 14th selling 35 designer clothing, accessories, and more.

*Lauren Conrad's Beach Butterfly Collection is now available for pre-order. Check out her array of cool dresses.

Gladiator heels

I must be inspired by Carrie's gladiator heels in the Sex and the City movie (still gotta see this movie!). I saw these sleek looking Enzos at the Nordstrom sale for $60 at Park Meadows mall in Colorado and just had to get them. Aren't they a beauty? I love the straps and the buckle details.

Also, check out these Michael Kors shoes w/ zippers. I think these will be my next purchase.