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OOTD - I'm on pins and needles

A dinner out with girlfriends. I love dressing up!

I'm wearing a Pins and Needles dress from Urban Outfitter and H&M blue heels. Bracelet is from San Francisco and necklace is from Patchwork Festival. Lipstick is Topshop Beguiled.

OOTD - Mellow yellow

I'm going for that relaxed beachy vibe even though it's fall.

I'm wearing a Love On A Hanger terry yellow dress and Franco Sarto sandals. Bracelet is from SPARKL.

Nordstrom Rack score

I slept through the grand opening celebration of Nordstrom Rack yesterday morning (oops!), but went after lunch with my mom and gals to check it out.

It was a little crowded but totally manageable. I saw lots of fellow moms with strollers along with other eager women. The store was packed and organized with lots of goodies like Bliss products, Free People printed cords (must get!), colored denim galore, shoes perfect for any shoe fanatic (anyone love Franco Sarto And Athena Alexander?), purses like Juicy Couture and MK, and even Fendi and Marc Jacobs sunglasses. Can you say ooh la la? The employees there were so great and helpful too.

My mom got so many great finds like Athena Alexander shoes for $39, lace dress for $24, and peplum dress for $22.

She found me an awesome black peplum dress for $22 also that I can rock at my friend's rehearsal dinner. My baby got a great toy for $4 too.

I can't wait to go back and tell my friends about the Huntington Beach Rack. Be sure to follow…

OOTD - Safari wear

There's some days I like wearing safari colors. Khaki and olive seems to capture that well.

I'm wearing Gap cargo shorts, Banana Republic ikat tank, and Franco Sarto sandals. Bracelets are from the Philippines and San Diego Zoo.

OOTD - Fallin for fall

I'm fallin for fall. I love that the weather seems to be cooling a little bit.

I'm wearing a Banana Republic ikat tank, H&M coral jeans, and Franco Sarto Sandals. Bracelets are from Banana Republic, Gap, and Mexico.

New arm candy

My bff surprised me with new bracelets from a jewelry designer she found on Instagram and told me to visit her site. I looked her up and totally love her products.

More info:
A La Carte website

OOTD - Cheerio to Topshop

Cheerio and good day!

I'm wearing coral Topshop scallop tank and Miss Posh shorts with Franco Sarto sandals. Bracelets are a gift from a friend. Don't you love the evil eye one?

Hans Homemade Ice Cream

It's been hot forever and I needed a pick me up after running errands this weekend. I finally got to try Hans' Homemade Ice Cream in Costa Mesa.

This old fashioned parlor was great and serves sundaes if you dine in. They had a lot of different and exotic flavors like watermelon, lemon, chocolate raspberry truffle, licorice, and apple streusel.

I'm usually the type to be adventurous but I felt like something simple, so I got marble fudge. It was a perfect marriage of vanilla and fudge.

Definitely check this out if you're ever near South Coast.

OOTD - Bloggers Do Oxblood Better

I'm participating in the Bloggers Do It Better challenge wearing oxblood. As Kristina says, it's "the wine-slash-burgundy-slash-maroon color that the fashion industry has dubbed, rather frighteningly, 'Oxblood'."

I'm wearing a Duo tee and BCBG Lola shorts with Franco Sarto sandals. Lipstick is Topshop Beguiled. Bracelets are a gift from a friend.

Cold Fusion Juice and Veggie Bar

I was in Tustin last week for a pediatrician appointment and needed a healthy treat. Enter Yelp. I found Cold Fusion Juice and Veggie Bar nearby.

I ordered one of their acai bowls that had spinach, blueberry and acai. Toppings were my choice so I got coconut, honey, granola, strawberry and mango. Everything was so fresh. This place touts they use no fillers like Jamba Juice.

I can't wait to go back!

OOTD - Monday mania

Happy Monday!

I'm wearing a H&M olive dress, Franco Sarto sandals, and Forever 21 necklace. Bracelets are from Banana Republic, Paris and the Philippines.

OOTD - M is for maxi and monkey

What to wear to the zoo? M is for maxi and monkey.

I'm wearing a no name maxi dress and Franco Sarto sandals. Bracelets are from SPARKL. Necklace is from Patchwork Festival.

OOTD - Love Coral

Happy Saturday! Hope you have a lovely day outside.

I'm wearing an Express coral tee, Hollister khaki shorts and Franco Sarto sandals. Bracelets are from Banana Republic and Europe.

BCBG goodies

I met up with some friends recently at the Carlsbad outlet where we had lunch and played on the 50 cents riding toys.

My girlfriend and I managed to go to one store. BCBG had so many nice items. I loved all the bracelets and watches I saw.

I did manage to get items from the $19 rack. These white Lola shorts are perfect for this eternal heat wave we're having. The pink cropped top could totally go with some colored denim I have.

Bon Epi macarons

If you're Asian and live in Orange county, you definitely know about Diamond Jamboree. It's a strip mall of all Asian eateries, bakeries with sprinkles of other businesses like photo booths and acupuncture in Irvine.

I recently went there for the BBQ chicken and HAD to go to Bon Epi bakery. They now sell macarons. Yes! They had great flavors like salt caramel, pistachio, rose, macadamia, chocolate and hazelnut. Macarons are $1.95 each and also available in gift boxes.

Topshop fashion party

I was in Costa Mesa last Saturday so I could visit my tailor to alter my bridesmaid dress.

 Luckily, I timed it so I can go to the Nordstrom Topshop fashion party. They had a cool dj playing tunes, models wearing Topshop clothes, makeup artist showing off new cosmetics, and a neat Topshop background to snap pictures with. I loved the red phone booth for that British touch.

I tried on so many clothes and couldn't decide. Luckily, my BFF helped me with helpful text messages and calls to narrow down my choices.

The beaded shorts were cute but not practical for a mom like me. I loved the lacy nude dress but wasn't sure where I can wear it to. The cream long skirt was cool too, but not sure how many times I'd wear it.

I decided on the coral scallop top and black flowery peplum top. I think these can go with jeans, leggings or shorts I have. These can be dressed up or down too.

One plus from spending $100+ is I got a cool gift. Check out the lovely nail polish and lipstick. I…

OOTD - Olive you

Banana Republic recently tweeted me props on this outfit, so I wanted to see how I can wear this olive green ikat tank.

I'm wearing a Banana Republic ikat tank and Gap olive green shorts with Franco Sarto sandals. Bracelet is from Spain.

Green Rice Kabob

Thanks for the beauty of Yelp, I found a yummy Persian restaurant in Huntington Beach called Green Rice Kabob. It's located in a strip mall plaza across from another favorite of mine, The Donuttery.

Last week, my mom went here for dinner with the gals. We split the boneless chicken with cherry rice. It was amazingly delicious. The Shirazi salad of cucumber, tomato, and onion was perfect to go with the chicken and rice.

I definitely recommend this place if you love Persian food like me.

OOTD: Love on a hanger

Thought this would be comfy cute for grocery shopping and a church festival.

I'm wearing a Love on a hanger terry pink dress, Juicy Couture charm bracelet, and Franco Sarto sandals.

August Birchbox

I'm probably the worst Birchbox subscriber. I pick and choose what I try. Oopsie!

Here's my review of the August Birchbox with a Beauty School theme.

Caldrea Hand Soap - Unfortunately, this is still sitting in my beauty supply cabinet.

DDF® Brightening Cleanser - I love. Let me repeat, love love, this cleanser. I do notice a difference that my face feels brighter. It has a subtle licorice scent too.

Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy La Fleur - I haven't tried this yet and not really a perfume person.

Purest Peach - Pixi Beauty Beauty Blush - Ooh la la, I love this blush. It might be my new favorite after my Giorgio Armani creme blush. The pigment is great and lasts all day.

Schick Hydro Silk Razor - Oops, this is still sitting in my beauty supply cabinet too.

By the way, the little pamphlet of beauty tips was a nice touch for their beauty school theme.

OOTD - Summer white

When it's hot, I like to wear summer white to keep cool. 

I'm wearing a Merona dress I stole from my mom with Franco Sarto sandals. Bracelets are from SPARKL.

Tortas Sinaloa

I forgot I wrote about this yummy spot last year, but this Santa Ana restaurant deserves another mention.

Last Sunday, we had a family dinner here. I ordered 3 carne asada and 3 al pastor tacos to share with hubby, plus a large pineapple aqua fresca. Everything was so yummy. I love street tacos. Such a guilty pleasure!

OOTD - Orange you happy

Orange you happy it's London Fashion week? I can't wait to see more tweets on what's happening there.

I'm wearing a Banana Republic tank, H&M orange shorts, and Franco Sarto sandals.

Umami burger

I had an anniversary dinner last Saturday at Umami burger. I wanted to give them another try since since I had such bad service at their Hollywood location. I wanted well done for my burger because I was pregnant at the time and the waiter made such a big deal.

Luckily, their new Costa Mesa location had great attentive service. Hubby and I split the beet salad, Umami burger and fries. The sugar cookie salted caramel ice cream sandwich from LA creamery was the perfect end to an amazing meal.

One plus - the place looked baby friendly and had high chairs. Ooh la la!


My girlfriend just launched her new jewelry line and showed me a few pieces the other day. I fell in love with all her bracelets and it made it hard to decide which ones to get.

Here's my latest arm swag:

Gorgeous, huh? Feel free to leave a comment if you're interested in this line.
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Banana Republic sale

I bought these awesome ikat print tanks at Banana Republic for $12.99 each at South Coast Plaza's Fashion Night Out.

Aren't they lovely? I can already imagine them with orange shorts or pink jeans.