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Too Ugly for LA

Have you seen my new favorite tee? It's from Too Ugly for LA.

I love white tees. This super soft  and cute one with aliens going to Hollywood is so cool.

I styled it with red shorts and my faux Birkenstocks for a Saturday morning meeting with my stylist/blogger friend Amanda from Feast Fashion Faves and afternoon family time.

Shirt: c/o Too Ugly for LA. Thanks Two Point Oh LA!


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I can't live without my...

Stila Smoky Eye the talking palette. I have tan skin so sometimes eyeshadow doesn't show up on me. One of my default  go to eyeshadows is this day time smoky eye palette. It's subtle yet defines my brown eyes. It's not too Kim K and dramatic for the day too. If I use it at night, I just put more black eyeliner and I'm good to go?
Beauty lovers, what's your go to eyeshadow? Tweet me at @sunnynblue.

Herbal Essences Naked

I tried the new Herbal Essences beauty line recently. This drugstore brand is awesome and natural. The dry shampoo has a pleasant fresh smell when you use it. The shampoo and conditioner make you feel like a  garden with scents of lavender and mint. It made the hair feel clean and conditioned.

Definitely check this new line out!

(Editor's note: I was gifted these products by Influenster for a product review. All opinions are my own .)

OOTD - day to night

On Sunday, I thought I'd wear a skirt to church. I love this sweatshirt material skirt and detail cut on the bottom. It's so cute yet so comfy. I paired it with a black top and sandals for a comfy dressed up look. This outfit went from church to a dinner bbq. 
Shirt: Banana Republic / skirt: from no rest for Bridget / sandals: Sam & Libby for Target / bracelets: and my own 

OOTD - #tpoh5thpicnic

Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend!

On Saturday, I went to the Two Point Oh LA picnic at the W Hotel with my friend Kimberly at According to Kimberly. The picnic was held on the terrace of the hotel. There was yummy Asian fusion food, drinks, and a gifting suite for bloggers. Everyone was so friendly and well dressed. Hope you like my outfit.

Crop top: Topshop / Pleated maxi skirt: Topshop / Sandals: Mia / Fanny pack: Muse Boutique Laguna Beach / Necklace: / Bracelet:

Shoe crush

My shoe crush is a mix of old school and my favorite color. It's like an updated Mary Jane in burgundy plus a heel. These Proenza Schouler leather sandals are my newest shoe crush.

I would style these lovely sandals in white jeans and a white tee. The shoes would be my statement piece and give that pop of color.

(Image via

Sweet Almond Oil by Aura Cacia

My skin has been so dry lately that my usual body butters aren't working. 
I decided to try body oil and asked m the Whole Foods employee in Huntington Beach what she liked. She said almond oil would be good, so low and behold I tried the Aura Cacia sweet almond oil and I really like it. The trick is to use it on damp skin after a shower. 
Try it and tweet me what you think! 

NYX Indie Flick

I have been obsessed with orange lipstick and finally located NYX Indie Flick. I love the orange red color and it was only $5.99 at Target too. It's such a change from pinks and burgundy lip color I wear. It's perfect for summer! 

OOTD - #AgendaShow

Happy Tuesday! Only three more days until Friday!

Speaking of last Friday, that was such a busy day. I was in Newport Beach, Long Beach, and Costa Mesa. The Agenda Show was great. I discovered lots of great brands for Serene Sky and met great people. The lifestyle segment of skating, streetwear and surf is definitely growing too. I also had a great meeting at a boutique. Stay tuned for our blog announcement at the Serene Sky blog.

Dress: Lush / Bag: from No Rest for Bridget / Sandals: Mia / Bracelet: Knotted Cuff from CraftedByTalia  from and Agenda admission / Necklace: Pearl Rosary Shell from HARDCOUTURE from

Fashion Profile: Erin Foley

Tell me about yourself and Uptown Girl Boutique. After spending countless hours styling my Barbie dolls as a little girl, I knew my calling was in the fashion industry. I graduated from Appalachian State University in 2007 where I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Apparel and Textiles.  I’ve been a buyer for the past seven years, but began buying for Uptown Girl one year ago when I moved cross country from NC to California.

       Uptown Girl is a contemporary women’s boutique that prides itself on being very unique, and always having a positive laid back vibe while you shop.  My style has been compared to a chameleon in the past, and I try to bring that same aesthetic to the boutique. Whether you’re boho or preppy, we have something that works for you!

What do you love about fashion?
Umm…what do I NOT love about fashion? I love that is way to express yourself without words. When you walk into a room, people can already tell something about your personality just by the way you are dress…

OOTD - Neon highlighter

Happy Sunday funday!

With the weather being hot hot hot last week, I had to wear shorts and something breezy. I decided on a mix of leather, neon and slip on sneakers.

Sneakers: Peter Pillotto for Target / Shorts: Forever 21 / Cami: The Limited / Blouse: gifted from mom / Bracelet: LA Cathedral / Necklace: Seahorse

Shoe crush

If you are a 90's kid like me, you'll remember mules. If not,  you'll think mules are a new shoe style.

I saw these mules recently at H&M and now call it my newest shoe crush. Only $34.95 online and in stores! If you get one, remember I'm a size 36.

OOTD - Lock and Load

Happy Friday! Here's another greet tee from Native Sunshine. I love the  rope detailing on the shirt and you know I love black and white.

Shirt: Native Sunshine from Salon Thairapy / Shorts: BCBG / Sandals: Sam & Libby for Target / Bracelet: LA Cathedral

OOTD - wear a skort 2 ways : rock and roll

Happy Thursday! It's almost Friday. Hope you liked the girlie outfit yesterday.

In this styling, I thought I would do something more rock and roll. This shirt is from my hairstylist's line called Native Sunshine. I love how she styled the shirt with little details.
Shirt: Native Sunshine available at Salon Thairapy / Skort: Zara / sandals: Mia / Bracelet: LA Cathedral 

OOTD - Wear a skort 2 ways: Girlie

Hello Wednesday and happy hump day! Today I thought I'd share a post on how to style the famous Zara "blogger favorite" skort two days.

For this look, I wore this to a birthday party and wanted to be a cute mommy so just topped it with a light color for a girlie look.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post for another styling lesson!

Tank: Topshop / Skort: Zara / Sandals: Mia / Bracelet: LA Cathedral

Princess Tea Party

Happy Tuesday! I attended an awesome Princess Tea Party on Sunday to celebrate a friend's daughter's 2nd birthday.

The theme was Princess Tea Party. Every girl guest  got a tulle skirt, pearl bracelet, pearl necklace, and tiara. Every boy guest got a bow tie and top hat.

The treats wear amazing, from the ombre rice crispies, rainbow and chocolate cupcakes with princess treats,jello parfaits, and strawberry macarons. The birthday cake was from King's Hawaiian. I almost forgot about this awesome bakery. The cake was fluffy vanilla with strawberries and whipped cream inside and on the top. Delicious!

Hope these photos give you inspiration for your next party!

Donut Bar

I finally tried the Donut Bar yesterday after church. The trick is to go in the morning since afternoon attempts have proven unsuccessful when they are sold out. The store had so many choices, but I decided on the blood orange (one with the flower), salted caramel (left middle) and boston cream. The cherry chocolate one is a free kid's donut.

I would have to say I liked the subtle blood orange donut and the authentic boston cream donut. The salted caramel was a bit too much salt for me. The donuts are $3 each. Donut Bar has been featured as #2 on and one of the 10 best donuts in America.

Definitely check it out for yourself. There is a location in Fountain Valley and San Diego. favorites


I can't live without..

My Lancôme primer. My friend first told me about this primer and I was intrigued. It comes on white and you put it on before your mascara. It gives your mascara whether drugstore brand or luxury brand major staying power. 
I have long thick lashes that I curl. I like putting the primer on and adding either Rimmel Scamdalous mascara or Makeup for ever Smoky Extravagent. I love how my curled lashes stay all day and look much thicker.
It's a must have product if you ask me. 

Tech Thursday

{Fun fact: I have a technology background and love the Internet space.}

One of my favorite apps (not short for appetizers) is Todoist for my iPhone 5. It helps me balance my busy working mother life. This app lets you write tasks, prioritize them by 1, 2, 3, or 4 for different colored flags.

The best perk of it is there is a Firefox extension for it, meaning you can access your todoist app on your computer. It syncs in real time so you can add/edit tasks either on your iPhone or on your computer.

It's pretty cool and even checks your productivity trend. Since I have began using this productivity tool, it says I have completed 1,572 tasks and have a Karma trend of +9046. It also tracks your productivity the last 7 days. I checked and I was more productive on Saturday and Friday. I do remember Saturday was when I stayed up until 3:30am preparing for our big Serene Sky event on Sunday.

If you're looking for a great productivity tool, I definitely recommend Todoist. Check it out.

OOTD - lost and found dress

Don't you love it when you find a dress hidden in your closet? That's how I felt finding this favorite. 
I styled it with my faux Birks for a day of running around yesterday. 
Dress: American Eagle / necklace: / sandals: Sam & Libby for Target 

Shoe Crush

My latest shoe crush is Dory's from Schutz ($260) . I would style this with blue jeans and a white tee and let the shoes do the talking.