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LA Food & Wine Festival : Wine edition

It's Wine Wednesday! Sharing the wonderful wines I tried at the LA Food and Wine Festival. This epicurean event showcases the finest in food and drink culture throughout Los Angeles and culinary personalities from throughout the nation.

It was my first time attending this festival at the Santa Monica Hangar last August. The Lexus grand tasting featured over 200 wines from the world's most prestigious wineries. I'm a red wine fan  and was so excited to try wines from around the world and regions.

Stay tuned for my blog post covering all the delicious food from amazing Southern California restaurants!

More info:
Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival

(Editor's Note: Many thanks for Wagstaff Worldwide Los Angeles for the opportunity to cover this amazing event! )

LA Food & Wine Festival sponsored by Lexus
Le Grand Courtage from France - premium French sparkling wine  The scene was so energetic and vibrant
My favorite - was the Susana Balbo Malbec wine from Spain
Cyrus and A…

OOTD - Boho chic in Green Dragon Clothing

Happy Tuesday ! I partnered with Green Dragon Clothing recently and was so excited to style and shoot this look with photographer Nancy Cuahutle.

 This dress was so comfortable and stylish - definitely perfect for Fall weather. Don't you love this green wall too?! 
Outfit :  Dress C/O Green Dragon Clothing Zara sandals ZeroUV sunglasses  Fitbit Charge Jewelry for the Soul bracelet
More info : Green Dragon Clothing website  Photography Nancy Cuahutle 

She's bright like glitter and bubbly like champagne

I heard First Lady Michelle Obama's  speech Friday morning during my work commute and definitely got teary eyed listening to her compassionate and emotional words. Everything she said about Hillary's opponent , the election, to the current environment we are living in definitely hit home. She basically said what all women were thinking when we encounter and face derogatory language and behavior in our lives.

I can count countless times where I felt objectified :
Groped in the elevator during a Hawaii vacation with my dad as a teenager. (Did I tell my dad? No, because I was afraid of his reaction more than how I really felt.)Guys driving by and shouting remarks thinking they are complimenting you as you walk down the street with a girlfriendWhen guys stare a little too long and make you feel self consciousWhen my ex-boss and I went on a business trip and there were numerous moments that felt inappropriate 1.) a dinner that felt more like  a date 2.) accompanying me to my hotel ro…


Happy October ! Last week, I attended the Nitrolado tasting hosted by Hoppie Nguyen. I had the chance to try new Halloween flavors like Coconut Lavender, Pumpkin Spice with Carmelized Bacon and Blood Velvet Brownie. I'm definitely obsessed with their Blood Velvet Brownie flavor ! 
I was obsessed with their Halloween cup. Be sure to catch my boomerang on my @sunnynblueblog  insta. This photogenic cup will be available starting October 24 to Halloween. 
And to save the best for last , but 1 get 1 half off any menu item for all guests in costume October 28 to 30.
More info: Instagram : @nitrolado  10212 Westminster Ave #115, Garden Grove, CA 92843

Love this BTS photo by Hoppie ! 

OOTD - Pom Pom overload

Happy Monday! I'm so ready for the new week, new beginnings , and new challenges. Hope you have an amazing week !
Outfit : Zero UV sunglasses  Fashion Young dress Zara sandals  Fitbit Charge Gena Myint Bracelets 

OOTD - Off the shoulder

Happy Friday!
Still in disbelief it's October. There's so much going on in the world right now - this election , Hurricane Matthew and senseless violence. Sending a prayer to the world right now and to those who need prayers and positive vibes. 
Outfit : H&M off the shoulder top Jolt jean shorts via Nordstrom Rack zero uv sunglasses Matisse sandals  Fitbit  Madewell cuff  Forever 21 choker 

The Low Key Poke Joint

Keep it lowkey.

If you know me, I love poke bowls and finally got to try The Low Key Poke Joint in Westminster after seeing it on my Instagram feed so many times.

My friend Kimberly and I got hungry one Friday after a dessert date and decided on poke bowls. The Low Key Poke Joint ordering style is nice since you get to see your ingredients and just choose on the spot to customize it the way you like. I ordered the regular which was three proteins and got salmon and tuna. My toppings included seaweed, black sesame , corn, avocado, ginger, masago and cucumber with jalepeno sauce. It was delicious and a perfect dinner!

More info:
Web site
9904 Westminster Ave, Garden Grove, CA

OOTD - Black and white always

Happy Monday! Have you ever been so stressed out? What is your stress reliever? I love going back to the simple things like getting a 7 Leaves Tea and heading to the beach to get sunshine and vitamin sea.

Hope you all have a great week!

James Perse tank
Fitbit Charge
Zara skirt
Franco Sarto sandals
Zero UV sunglasses