James Perse

My hubby and I went to our first James Perse sample sale on a whim a few years ago. We've been addicted to his soft shirts ever since.

Last Saturday, we headed to another James Perse sample sale in LA on Saturday. Thankfully, it wasn't crowded or packed like last time. There was plenty of selection for men and women.

The women's collection included their comfy cottony tanks, pants, dresses, jackets and skirts. The main things that caught my eye (and actually fit me!) were two dresses. The olive spaghetti strap would make a perfect summer dress and the white tank dress has the cutest details - zipper back and pockets in the front.

My hubby also lucked out and got three things - grey jacket, black/tan hoodie, and black long sleeve shirt.

Hooray for James Perse!


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