My facialist always tells me to exfoliate. I have been listening recently and am loving the results. Clear skin and less hyperpigmentation - hooray at last!

I had to share some awesome skincare products I've been using for my sensitive combination skin. Just cuz it's winter doesn't mean you shouldn't exfoliate!

Origins calls Modern Friction "nature's gentle dermabrasion" and I agree. You put a little bit on damp skin once a week (Sundays for me) and voila for instant smooth skin. I love that it doesn't sting like other scrubs. Another one I like from their line is Swept Away. I used this on my trip to the Philippines every other day and loved how gently it sloughed away my skin so I could rock the no-make up and au natural look.

Dermalogica's Daily Microfoliant scared me at first, since my facialist said to use this everyday. Sometimes I listen to her and sometimes I don't. When I do use it, I notice my skin is brighter and smoother. Using this thing is fun too. I first wash with Cetaphil face wash and then grab the bottle with wet hands and pour a little of this magic powder. Then, I rub my hands a bit to get a little lather and wash my face.

One note - I don't recommend using all these products in one sitting. Space it out and see if your face is craving a deep cleaning. Happy exfoliating this winter season!

More info:
Origins - http:/www.origins.com
Dermalogica - http://dermalogica.com/


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