Feenin' for won ton soup

It's been rainy lately and always a good time to grab soup. It made me think of this awesome meal my hubby and I had in Taiwan during a layover on the way to the Philippines.

I tried the best won ton soup ever filled with scrumptious pork won tons, crunchy carrots, and steamed brocolli. I took out the colorful and flowery fishcakes and onions, but it sure does look good in the picture. I did snag some of my husband's yummy meal of ground pork, tea-flavored egg, and brocolli. We're still not sure what the yellow circular thing was but he claims it was good and crunchy.

I would love to find a Chinese restaurant here in Orange County or Los Angeles that serves food as yummy as what we had in Taiwan. I guess that'll be on my 2008 list to find my next dining adventure.


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