Missin' Boracay

As I sit here this Saturday morning resting from a cold, I can't help but reminisce about my Boracay trip last month.

So what is Boracay, you ask? I call it the Hawaii of the Philippines. Imagine an gorgeous island with white sands, clear blue water, and sunny skies. I enjoyed this friendly island's beaches, Mt. Luho viewpoint, butterfly farm, and cuisine. There is touristy area called D'Mall - a beachside strip full of restaurants, bars, souvenir shops. It was there that I had an affordable culinary adventure.

Here are some highlights:

Mango oatmeal cookie at Lemon Cafe - Ate a soft and chewy oatmeal cookie with bits of mango infused with it.

Pineapple banana shake at Waling Waling Beach Hotel - The bartender blended me a shake better than any Jamba Juice or Juice It Up one I've ever tried. It was the perfect swirl of pineapple, banana, and ice mixed together for a smooth crisp cool taste.

Lobster and clams at Paradiso Grill - Recommended by Jane at Boracay Hills, shesuggested this seafood restaurant. First, you check out a display of fresh lapu-lapu, crab, prawns, lobster, snapper, and squid. That's when we selected the lobster and clams while the cashier weighed it for us. The cooks did a simple preparation for our seafood - lightly seasoned and grilled. Delish!


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