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Mmm, cupcakes

I drove all the way to Costa Mesa the other day to check out this new cupcakery. Dolcissimo offers a variety of desserts from cupcakes, cookies, cheesecakes, pies, brownies, and caramel apples. I was on a mission to try their cupcakes. I ordered the limonade, cookies and cream, and cloud cupcakes. That night, I scarfed down the limonade and cookies and cream cupcakes before dinner. The limonade can be described as a lemon lime cupcake with light green frosting, while the cookies and cream version was a vanilla cupcake with cookies and cream frosting topped w/ a mini Oreo cookie. The smooth and yummy frosting was a pleasant surprise. It wasn't thick and gross like frosting found on Costco cakes. The next day, I tried the cloud cupcake - a vanilla cupcake with sky blue frosting. I think I'll definitely head back to this cupcakery soon. They offer a different variety of cupcakes daily. The strawberry shortcake, apple pie, pink lemonade, snickerdoodle, and tiramisu all look like on

Seychelles/BC spring warehouse sale

Seychelles has such cute shoes! I'm contemplating attending this warehouse sale next weekend. They better have plenty of size sixes available.

Pillow fight, yeah!

If I didn't have plans in Laguna Beach for my mom's birthday, I would soo go to Downtown Los Angeles tomorrow for this cool pillow fight. If you want to have fun and get some rage out, go to Pershing Square Park tomorrow at 2:30pm. My nephew attended the New York one way back and totally enjoyed it. I'm so jealous! More info: International Pillow Fight Day -

NYC shopping

I must blog about my shopping spree in New York last Friday. There were two Japanese stores that I visited worth mentioning - Muji & Uniqlo. Muji was a cute store that sold houseware a la Crate and Barrel and cotton threads a la Club Monacco. Check out this unique V-neck tee here. Uniqlo, on the otherhand, was an experience on its own. With three floors going, I felt like I was in a department store. The bottom and middle floor was dedicated to the ladies. Bottom floor had casual clothes, sales racks w/ a cute collection of loungewear, while the second floor had jeans galore (skinny, bootcut, navy, blue, etc.) and sports-type tees that reminded me of the Puma brand. The third floor had mens clothing galore, from jeans, boxers, socks, button up shirts, and jackets. My hubby and I scored $243 worth of stuff w/ no sales tax (thanks New York). Our large bag was filled with dark blue skinny jeans (I finally gave in to this trend!), grey fleece short sleeve top, and white flowy top for m

Yummy NYC

I still can't decide what I love more about New York. Is it the food or the shopping? I think it's a tie. I absolutely love fries and went to Pomme Frittes restaurant. This place was cute and small with old Filipina ladies manning the kitchen. I shared the large size of pomme frittes with a selection of sauces. One concoction was mayonnaise, ketchup and onions. Another was pomegranate teriyaki. My favorite was the rosemary garlic mayonnaise. Delish! Saving the best for last, I satisfied my New York pizza craving at Ray's Pizza. Since I couldn't have meat, I got this delicious spinach and mushroom slice. It was piping hot and perfect after walking all day around New York in the cold. I still can't figure out the secret ingredient what makes NY style pizza so delish. I've been told it is the water, but I think it's the cheese and thin crust. Things that make you go hmm...

New York, here I come

I'm totally looking forward to my redeye flight tonight to NYC and have already planned where I wanna shop and eat while I'm there. Here's my lil' checklist: 1. Shop at H&M . That's where my H&M love affair began. 2. Check out Uniqlo . I always hear about this store from Japan and can't wait to see these jeans I always hear about. 3. Eat in Little Italy. Nothing beats New York pizza ! 4. Visit MoMA and buy a souvenir postcard. 5. Go to Central Park to watch the squirrels.


So, I gave up desserts again this year for Lent. It's been a good challenge because I've been eating tons of fruits instead. However, I can't help but dream about this lightly glazed Krispy Kreme donut that I read about on another food blog . It's only in stores until March 23 so Easter better hurry soon. I can already imagine biting into this soft, warm, squishy and sweet donut. Mmmm! More info: Krispy Kreme


I love finding and supporting local boutiques. With 30 minutes to kill before yoga class last Saturday, I saw a sign called Crush in a shopping plaza and thought I would visit. The store had a lot of cute items to choose from. I was eyeing the array of casual dresses in the front of the store. I scored a neat yellow and gray knit dress and gray long sleeve shirt for $40. Here's a pic from the dressing room: More info: Crush Clothing, 1835 Newport Blvd. Suite C-143, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

FIDM Debut 2008

The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising "Debut 2008" fashion show last Friday was amazing. I loved being around all the fashion and energy. I took over 160 photos during that two hour night in Barker Hangar and watched 11 design students showcase their collections. The theme for theatre design was Moulin Rouge. Can can girls came out dancing with extravagant dresses. One model wore a unique pinwheel dress. My brother's friend designed the highlight of the show: an intricate diamond-type studded dress with feathers that the model showcased while swinging high up above the runway. I saw so many dresses that I'd love to wear like the swirly white and silver dress and bright yellow and black fluffy dress. There was an interesting kimono-type dress and trio of ivory dresses that were worn. They looked like great eye candy on the runway, but I'm not sure if they would work in real life. I definitely was diggin' the menswear. One designer gave grays, whites