Mmm, cupcakes

I drove all the way to Costa Mesa the other day to check out this new cupcakery. Dolcissimo offers a variety of desserts from cupcakes, cookies, cheesecakes, pies, brownies, and caramel apples.

I was on a mission to try their cupcakes. I ordered the limonade, cookies and cream, and cloud cupcakes. That night, I scarfed down the limonade and cookies and cream cupcakes before dinner. The limonade can be described as a lemon lime cupcake with light green frosting, while the cookies and cream version was a vanilla cupcake with cookies and cream frosting topped w/ a mini Oreo cookie. The smooth and yummy frosting was a pleasant surprise. It wasn't thick and gross like frosting found on Costco cakes. The next day, I tried the cloud cupcake - a vanilla cupcake with sky blue frosting.

I think I'll definitely head back to this cupcakery soon. They offer a different variety of cupcakes daily. The strawberry shortcake, apple pie, pink lemonade, snickerdoodle, and tiramisu all look like ones I want to try.

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