NYC shopping

I must blog about my shopping spree in New York last Friday. There were two Japanese stores that I visited worth mentioning - Muji & Uniqlo.

Muji was a cute store that sold houseware a la Crate and Barrel and cotton threads a la Club Monacco. Check out this unique V-neck tee here.

Uniqlo, on the otherhand, was an experience on its own. With three floors going, I felt like I was in a department store. The bottom and middle floor was dedicated to the ladies. Bottom floor had casual clothes, sales racks w/ a cute collection of loungewear, while the second floor had jeans galore (skinny, bootcut, navy, blue, etc.) and sports-type tees that reminded me of the Puma brand. The third floor had mens clothing galore, from jeans, boxers, socks, button up shirts, and jackets.

My hubby and I scored $243 worth of stuff w/ no sales tax (thanks New York). Our large bag was filled with dark blue skinny jeans (I finally gave in to this trend!), grey fleece short sleeve top, and white flowy top for me, dark raw-denim type jeans for my brother, and a khaki safari button-up jacket for my hubby.

More info:
Muji -
Uniqlo -


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