Yummy NYC

I still can't decide what I love more about New York. Is it the food or the shopping? I think it's a tie.

I absolutely love fries and went to Pomme Frittes restaurant. This place was cute and small with old Filipina ladies manning the kitchen. I shared the large size of pomme frittes with a selection of sauces. One concoction was mayonnaise, ketchup and onions. Another was pomegranate teriyaki. My favorite was the rosemary garlic mayonnaise. Delish!

Saving the best for last, I satisfied my New York pizza craving at Ray's Pizza. Since I couldn't have meat, I got this delicious spinach and mushroom slice. It was piping hot and perfect after walking all day around New York in the cold. I still can't figure out the secret ingredient what makes NY style pizza so delish. I've been told it is the water, but I think it's the cheese and thin crust. Things that make you go hmm...


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