Filipino desserts

When I was in Manila a few months back, I was taken to Via Mare restaurant. This place is known for their Filipino desserts. We tried a variety on the table, but the memorable ones were bibingka and palitaw. (Look at me sporting the word "memorable" like Top Chef, haha!)

Bibingka is this yummy rice dessert made with coconut milk, sugar, egg, and butter. (There's a good place in Carson called Manila Sunset that also makes a good version.) The part that makes it so unique to me is that it is baked in banana leaf so this dessert gives off this nice homemade aroma.

Palitaw was interesting. I learned it's made from sweet rice, water, coconut, sugar and sesame seeds. Cooks usually mix the ingredients together and drop it into water. When the dessert is ready, it rises to the surface and you remove it and let it cool. How cool is that to make! Though it was a little too cocunuty for my taste, I do like how it is prepared.

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