Vegas favorites

I'll make this a lil' pictorial essay and name my favorite things from my weekend Las Vegas trip.

1. Wynn buffet
My generous cousin treated me and some friends to the awesome Wynn buffet on Saturday. This is probably a loaded statement, but I'd have to say it's one of the best buffets in Vegas. I've tried the Bellagio, Monte Carlo and Rio if that counts for anything. The selection at the Wynn was impressive. Name tag labels hung over each dish. They had a fine selection of sushi like spicy tuna hand rolls and vegetable rolls, Italian mushroom ravioli, flaky Dungeness crab legs, huge slabs of prime rib, and shrimp cocktail galore.

Best of all, they had a delicious array of dessert choices. As you can see in my lovely photo, I tried a nice variety of tiramisu, creme brulee, white chocolate cherry cheesecake and the best one of all, banana chocolate mousse. That last one tasted like a decadent banana creme pie. Mmmm!!

2. Fashion shows
I can name two reasons why I love Fashion Show mall. It's the free fashion shows and H20+ store. For Sunday's show, I viewed the lovely and colorful Betsey Johnson collection. I totally love the fierce walks the models do (though one guy standing next to me said they walk like horses). If only I had that height and could master those four inch heels! Betsey Johnson showed her usual wild and colorful dress collection, but I did see some tame light green and white numbers I'd sport. Here's a lil' sampling of the show:

3. Primm
To me, it's not a proper goodbye to Vegas without stopping by the Fashion Outlets of Las Vegas in Primm. I bought this lovely green and white floral spring dress at American Eagle. Not pictured here, but I did buy a spiffy black cardigan that I can wear with my collection of spaghetti strap dresses.

More info:
Wynn -
Fashion Show -
Fashion Outlets of Las Vegas -


  1. where's the closeups of the models? and where's the pics of you grubbin. b/c i know ya can grub DK!


  2. You make me want to go to Vegas now. I haven't been there for so long...


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