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Denver omelette

Denver may be known for the Broncos, Nuggets, and being the Mile High City, but there is so much more to this wonderful city. The hidden eats, friendly people, slow pace, downtown, and clothing boutiques are what make Denver great. There are two restaurants I must visit during my weekend stay. The chocolate chip waffles at Waffle House . The amazing Middle Eastern cuisine at Jerusalem's restaurant near my old DU stomping grounds. I've been craving the baba ghanouj, falafel, and tabbouleh. Mmmm! I promise to share pix from my eats.

Manolo Blahnik

In honor of Sex and the City premiering tomorrow, I thought I'd share this eye candy. Check out this Manola Blahnik shoe exhibit at the Wynn. I think my favorite is the strappy purple heel in the front. I guess the hotel will be showcasing some shoes and mixing cocktails tonight to prep for SATC. Say ooh la la!

Vegas eats

Despite the sub par weather, I had a great Memorial Day weekend in Las Vegas. Maybe it's because all I did was eat and sleep. Eat, I did! I never get disappointed with anything I eat at Lotus of Siam . This Thai restaurant located off the strip has choices galore and has been featured in several gourmet magazines. My ravenous friends and I ordered an array of dishes from garlic prawn, chicken pad thai, panang tofu w/ no bell peppers, tom yum soup, and sticky rice and mango. The new dish I tried was the garlic prawn with the peel attached and deep fried to perfection. More info: Lotus of Siam , 953 E. Sahara Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89104; Phone: (702)735-3033 While waiting for my poker player friends to finish a game, I stumbled upon a delectable bakery called the Chocolate Swan selling pastries, tortes, and truffles. Check out my mini fruit tart: More info: Chocolate Swan @ Mandalay Place Craftsteak is a perfect spot for a late night meal. All the courses were flavorful and tasty

Vegas baby

I'm looking forward to spending Memorial Day in Vegas and have already planned a lil' to do list. Here goes: 1. Order a nice steak at Craftsteak at MGM Grand. 2. Relax at the Luxor pool. 3. Check out some cool fashion shows at Fashion Show mall. 4. Find a yummy dessert at one of the Vegas hotels. Stay tuned for pictures!

Serena's dress

I watched the season finale of Gossip Girl the other night and can't stop thinking about Serena's dress. I just wish I had the height to pull it off. The ruffly yellow floral pattern and rose at the neckline is way cute. The dress is feminine, romantic, and unique all rolled into one. More info: Ralph Lauren Ruffled Fillipa Dress


I enjoyed a nice swim yesterday to beat the heat. Before my relaxing dip in the pool, I put on sunscreen to protect my sensitive skin. My absolute favorite is the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer(TM) Dry-touch Sunblock. I've tried so many versions that usually feel greasy and make me breakout, but this one doesn't. It feels like lotion and doesn't feel oily or grimy when you get in the water. More info: Neutrogena -

Hot hot heat

It's been so hot in OC lately. Thought I'd share a lil' list of ways to beat this heat wave. 1. Visit South Coast for the free a/c. Nothing beats window shopping on a hot day. 2. Eat a Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia cone. Mmmm! 3. Cool off w/ some smooth smartwater . It's right up there next to Fuji water. 4. Kill time at Barnes & Noble reading all the celeb magazines.


I'm still on a quest to find cute heels to go with a black dress I want to wear at an upcoming wedding. I may have found something, but definitely need to try it on in person before purchasing these beauties at Zappos. Say ooh la la to the Olavera at Nine West: Photo:

For SATC fans

I'll be attending a wedding on May 30 and bummed out I'm missing the premiere of the official Sex and the City movie. Watching TBS reruns is not enough and I cannot wait for the movie. I'd love to see what kind of clothing their creative costume designer comes up with. I soo want Carrie to finally get with Mr. Big. I'm glad Charlotte can finally have a child. Here are some links for SATC fans: Shop Diary giveaway - LA Times story how the movie may lack wide appeal -,0,4357727.story Official Movie site -

Fashion Elements

With a $5 or $7 admission, fashionistas can get access to over 40 designers selling clothing, accessories, shoes, jewelry and more at discounts up to 60% off retail. It's all happening at the Pacific Design Center in West hollywood. More info: Fashion Elements -

Cupcake Challenge

Not sure I'd pay $60 to try cupcakes but the concept does sound cool. Check it out if you are in West Hollywood this Sunday. More info: Cupcake Challenge -

Setting trends

Read this neat article in the Times talking about how musicians aren't setting trends and just following them. Oh, how I miss the 80's and 90's musicians. It was always fun to see how Madonna transformed herself with cool white lace gloves, mini skirts, pumps, and half shirts. I loved how MC Hammer didn't care and rocked those baggy pants. Kriss Kross was my other favorite musician to watch. I loved that they sported the backwards shirts and didn't care. I wonder when musicians will stop using stylists and just be original.

Things that make you go hmm...

I eyed this cute Jessica Simpson heels at Macy's the other weekend and have been thinking about them ever since. I wonder if I should get them when I already own so many shoes already. Hmmm...


Whenver I have a flight out of LAX (Yay for my Denver trip coming up!), I absolutely have to eat at Papillon restaurant in El Segundo. Though it sounds like an oxymoron, Papillon is a Filipino vegetarian restaurant. A family friend had told my family about this place way back. My brother and I have been fans ever since. Our favorites are the vegetarian adobo and beef steak. These dishes taste like the real thing and you might not even know you are eating tofu concoctions. I highly suggest the garlic fried rice as well. Mmm mmm good, as Campbell's would say! More info: Papillon -


I must rave about this new lip gloss color I got at the Grove the other week. You see, I was at Nordstroms killing time before dinner with a friend and wanting to spend my gift card. I came to the CHANEL counter hoping to get a refill on this brownish bronze hue I ran out of, but sadly learned they don't make it anymore. I was bummed for a second until I tried on this goregeous shade called Unity. It was bronzy-pink without being too dark or bubblegummy of a shade. I highly suggest this shade for spring. I feel it makes me look less pale and gives me some color until summer comes along and I get tan again. More info: Chanel Glossimer Unity @ Nordstroms -

Japonaise Bakery

Saturday lunchtime for me usually consists of going to Manila Groove for a yummy longanisa breakfast or grubbing on mushroom masala at India Cookhouse. More on those spots later... Last Saturday, I went to my usual Manila Groove and then finally tried the popular strawberry croissant at Japonaise Bakery. So, how do I describe this masterpiece I ate? The flaky croissant layers cradle sweet yellow custard and strawberries and is topped off with a light sprinkling of powdered sugar. Who knew you could buy something so awesome for $2.20? Here's a shot from their pastry case: More info: Japonaise Bakery, 600 El Camino Real, Tustin, CA 92780


I've had many pleasant memories at Kitayama, from a lovely birthday dinner to taking my out of town gal pal here. Last week was no different. My dad took me to this Japanese restaurant in Newport Beach after work for some quality father-daughter time. I love the beautiful Japanese garden, friendly service from the kimono-dressed waitresses, and exquisite decor inside. My dad ordered this beautiful presented sashimi dinner. The salmon I stole from his plate was fresh and tasty. I ordered some rolls and my favorite was the Three Kings Roll. This unique roll had tuna and avocado on top and was filled with crab meat and shrimp inside but topped with a spicy pepper sauce. It was absolutely yummy and I'm sure I'll be coming back for more. More info: Kitayama, 101 Bayview Place, Newport Beach, CA 92660

Pin Up

After a much needed massage in the South Bay, I stumbled upon Pin Up Boutique. This cozy lil' boutique had a cute selection of dresses and tops. I fell in love with these strapless knee length cotton dresses with designs splattered on the bottom. They could be worn as a beach cover up or dressed up with some heels and a cardigan. Check out my recent purchases: More info: Pin Up Boutique, 1301 Manhattan Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254