Kéan Coffee

I have heard about Kéan Coffee before and always wanted to try. The founder used to own the Diedrich Coffee places around OC until Starbucks swooped them all up.

This coffeehouse was pretty busy at 7 in the morning. A lot of business types were hanging around before heading off to work. One impressive thing I noticed was their commitment to the environment. Notes were posted on the wall to customers that used coffee grounds were available to use to fertilize soil. The coffee sleeves on the cups even had messages to bring back the sleeve to save resources.

Overall, the place had a cozy feel with an eclectic collection of tea, coffee, and non-coffee drinks. I ordered the soy chai tea latte and it was hot and delicious. It wasn't too spicy with an overload of cinnamon, spices, and black tea but pretty balanced overall.

My lovely chai tea cup:

More info:
Kéan Coffee, 2043 Westcliff Drive, Newport Beach, CA


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