Pretty cupcakes

Laying out at the beach can be exhausting. To recover yesterday, I grabbed a Fuji bottled water at 7-11. The water quenched my thirst, but I knew I wanted something more.

I decided to drop by Sprinkles for some cupcakes before heading home, but when I saw that crazy line, I knew I didn't feel like waiting. I remembered hearing about the cupcakes at Bristol Farms and totally wanted to try the raspberry lemon cupcake.

When I arrived to the bakery in the back of the store, I was giddy with excitement from the great selection. I saw German chocolate, cookies and cream, black forest, and many more. Lookie here!

I selected three flavors: raspberry lemon, white chocolate, and strawberry. Each cupcake is $2.99. Look how pretty they are!

The raspberry lemon cupcake I tried at home was sheer perfection. It had the perfect hint of lemon in the cupcake and the raspberry icing was a nice contrast to compliment the lemon flavor. The strawberry and white chocolate are up next and I'm sure those will taste great too.

More info:
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