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Nordstroms 40% Shoe Clearance

I had some time to kill last night before grubbing on dungeness crab dinner with the in-laws, so decided to check one of my favorite sites - I was happy to find that they were having a 40% shoe clearance. Ooh la la! I ended up purchasing black Report Voletta sandals , black Seychelles Day of Beauty sandals , and Nars Lip Gloss/Lip Stain Gloss Duo . I can't wait til I receive my delivery this week. I'm a little weary of ordering make-up online without trying it on, so hopefully this Nars gloss won't let me down. I'm getting tired of wearing shiny gloss so curious how this lip stain will be. I think I want to sport the matte lip look. My lovely order: More info: Nordstroms -

Orange International Street Fair

Every Labor Day, the Orange International Street Fair comes to town. Two years ago, I went and enjoyed abelskivvers (Dutch donuts w/ jam if I remember correctly) and roasted corn. If I have time this weekend, I think I will check it out again. More info: Orange International Street Fair -

U-pick farms

Driving through Central California the other weekend makes me appreciate great farm produce. When I read this LA Times article about Southern California's pick-your-own farms, I thought about how fun does that sound. I'd love to go out and pick berries or apples.


Had a lil' LA date w/ my hubby last Saturday to celebrate our two year anniversary. (How time flies!) We went to CA Science Center to see the BodyWorlds exhibit, and then were off to dinner at sugarFISH. I first heard about this restaurant when I read in the Times that it's Tony Hawk's favorite sushi restaurant. The Japanese tradition of omakase (trust in the chef) sounded like an interesting way to dine. I have heard about it before but have never tried. Sushi Nozawa's little brother owns this Marina Del Rey restaurant too. We ordered the trust me - one and two menu, where we were served tuna sashimi, albacore sushi, salmon sushi, crab and toro rolls. Mmm! The fish was so fresh and buttery. The albacore and tuna were served with ponzu sauce (my favorite!). Tuna sashimi Albacore and salmon sushi Crab and toro rolls Oh, the added treat was that we sat right next to Elijah Woods eating dinner with his family. I guess he likes their sushi too. More info: su

Shopping SF style

Have you ever seen a three story Levi's store? Whoa, I did! It was my first time going to this Union Square store. Third floor had stuff for men, while second floor had stuff for women and first floor had customized and vintage items. I did try on a pair of custom jeans with panda bears on the back button. Unfortunately, the rise was a little too high for my taste. Here are some pics: H&M's . What can I say? It's been my favorite store since my trip to NYC a few years back with some girlfriends. When I heard they were going to open an H&M in CA the other year, I seriously considered driving up to San Fran to check out the two story store. Being inside this store got me all giddy with excitement. I didn't know where to start. I was really impressed with their shoe offerings. Wish they had a size six though! Here's a peek inside the store: I think I tried on nine things in the dressing room but just ended with three things.

Slanted Door

During last weekend's Bay Area getaway, my hubby suggested a Vietnamese restaurant to try at the Ferry building. Slanted Door served traditional Vietnamese food with a twist. We ordered an array of dishes to try. Though it was a lil' pricy, the organic ingredients and view of the Bay Bridge made it worth it. Manila clams with thai basil, crispy pork belly and fresh chillies Grilled Australian free-range lamb rack with crispy potatoes and tamarind sauce Cellophane noodles with Dungeness crab meat Dirty Girl Farm haricots verts with honshimeji and roasted chili sauce Hodo Soy beanery organic lemongrass tofu with fresh shitake mushrooms, onions and chili sauce Midnight cake with chocolate sorbet and crisp cocoa wafer Cardamon rice pudding with wilted summer royal grapes and almond More info:

Monterey Bay Aquarium

I have loved the Monterey Bay Aquarium since a lil' kid and have visited three times already. They have the most colorful fish I have seen. I love the school of sardines that swim round and round along on the first floor along with the rockfish who just chill in the water to ride the waves. Here are some of my favorite pictures from my Bay Area trip last weekend: More info: Monterey Bay Aquarium -

wine & dineLA 2008

Got this info from my enewsletter. Multi-course prix-fixe dinner with special wine pairings are available at LA restaurants. wine & dineLA 2008 happens this September 7-21, 2008. More info: -

Too much style?

I saw this blog post last week asking "Is Katie Holmes' style overshadowing her career?". It made me think if that's happened to me. I've worked in offices where I was the only woman to a diverse department of old and young people. My last workplace was filled with young people where the youngins wore jeans, tees, and sneakers. I never felt comfortable wearing jeans to work. I think casual should be saved for the weekends. I personally love wearing dresses during my downtime. I tend to dress business casual - slacks, blouses, A-line skirts, cardigans, to peasant tops. I've heard co-workers comment on my clothing, but I don't think I'd dig it if that's all they noticed about me. More info: LA Times blog post

Porto's Bakery

I haven't physically been to Porto's Bakery yet, but I have had thoughtful co-workers bring me chocolate chip cookies and frosted sugar cookies. Isn't that flower cookie purdy? I do hear this place an awesome array of desserts and sandwiches. When I do go, I'll blog with a special update. More info: Porto's Bakery -


I've been going to Habana for several years whenever I have an itch for Cuban food in OC and don't feel like heading up to LA. I've had a lot of good memories here, from new job celebrations, taking an out of town girlfriend here to date night with my hubby. The inside of the restaurant is dim and candlelit, while the outdoor patio makes ya think you're escaping far far away. Last Friday, we dined on an appetizer of queso (I forgot what kind, sorry!) and ropas viejas (shredded beef in a tomatoe type sauce a la Filipino apritada) w/ plantains. Dessert was this Cafe Cubano chocolate mousse. A milk chocolate mousse encased in a dark chocolate shell with dark chocolate cake on the bottom. Cream and coffee beans top it off. Mmm! More info: Habana -


During my last Vegas vacay, I finally went to Miracle Mile Shops at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. The highlight of my shopping experience was discovering a store called Maxrave. From the outside, it looked like an expensive boutique but I was pleasantly surprised to find the affordable H&M-like prices. The store separated their clothes by color a la Forever 21, which made it easier to shop. My purchases included black sweats (for lounging), black knit shirt (for work), and white/blue striped ruffle top (for work). I haven't rocked them yet but looking forward to wearing my new fashions this week. More info: Maxrave -


Two weekends ago, I stayed at the MGM Grand in Vegas and wanted some lunch. While everyone played poker, I grubbed on a delicious breakfast sandwich filled with skirt steak, fried egg, oyster mushrooms on baguette. I'm usually not a fan of fried egg unless it's with rice, but it complimented the scrumptious steak and mushroom sandwich so well. More info: 'wichcraft -

The Counter's burgers & milkshakes

I heard about The Counter after reading it as Oprah's favorite burger two years ago. I've been a fan of their custom built burgers ever since. My friends and I would even drive to Santa Monica from OC just for their delicious burgers. Luckily, they opened an OC location, where I can order my 1/3 beef hamburger with mixed greens, carrot strings, and sautéed mushrooms. It's tasty with their peppercorn steak sauce. The sweet potato fries and onion rings can't be missed. Every month, they feature a new milkshake. I've tried their creamsicle flavor and this month's version is the s'mores shake. Imagine vanilla ice cream mixed with chocolate, marshmallows and chunks of graham cracker cookies. To make it even more decadent, it's topped with whipped cream and mini marshmallows. Mmm: More info: The Counter -


This photo was taken at a butterly farm when I went to Boracay Island in the Philippines last January. Oh, how I love butterflies! They're so graceful, delicate and free spirited. I am thinking of visiting the Pavillion of Wings at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles before the exhibit disappears after September 1. Tickets are $3 for adults, $2 for seniors and students, and $1 for kids ages 5 to 12. I wonder if any butterflies will land on my finger again. Oooh la la! More info: Pavillion of Wings -

Fresh and Easy

I have been wanting to visit Fresh and Easy after hearing about this new store from my friends and reading about it in the press. With 20 minutes to kill before meeting a girlfriend for Thai, I finally had a chance to visit. This cute lil' grocery store carried a lot of ready made and organic foods, ranging from salads, cupcakes, spaghetti and meatballs, to chili. I decided to purchase the chamomile herbal tea (when I need to relax!), mountain trail mix (great for afternoon munchies!), and lemon cake mix (cupcake time!). The prices were pretty reasonable too. I spent about $8 for random food for work and home. So fresh: More info: fresh & easy -

Nine West Sale

Nine West is having an online sale of their sandals, flats, wedges, gladiators, and dress shoes. Prices range from $29.99 to $69.99. I'm digging the Bindale ($24.99), Olavera ($49.99), and Zanja ($49.99). More info: Nine West -

Frugal Fashionista

I'll spill one of my favorite fashion blogs. Frugal Fashionista displays celebrity fashions and reveals how to find clothing and accessories at an affordable price. I haven't bought anything yet, but love that there are choices out there. Enjoy! More info: Frugal Fashionista -

Selvage jeans

My brother is somewhat of a jean snob. He's into Levi's and Uniqlos, talks about premium denim, and reads tips at Bloomingdales on how denim should be washed. The LA Times had an interesting article how various brands are working on their own version of selvage jeans. What's selvage? According to, it's the edge of woven fabric finished to prvent raveling. From what I've seen in stores, I've seen this type catered to male customers.

Dragon Dinners Chinese Cooking Class - 08/24

My AAJA-LA friend sent me a flyer about a cooking class she is teaching. Here are the details. Enjoy! --- DRAGON DINNERS COOK CHINESE WITH CHEF IVY DAI SUNDAY AUGUST 24 2-5 PM BULGARINI GELATO 749 E. ALTADENA DRIVE, ALTADENA Call or E-mail to Register: 626.224.5530 / / $50 per person (10% discount for AAJA members) Menu: FRAGRANT CHIVE EGG ROLLS, THREE CUP CHICKEN, SZECHUAN DRY-FRIED GREEN BEANS, STEWED PORK BELLY WITH YAM. Asian-inspired Bulgarini gelato for dessert!


You can save $15 or $25 if you enter code "FF2T" on Gaiam's site until August 7. This site has great yoga DVD's (my fave is Rodney Yee) to products for green and healthy living. More info: Gaiam -

Zara shoes

It must be the Imelda Marcos in me, but I love looking at nice shoes. Yesterday, I was at Zara in South Coast Plaza and came across these stunning finds. Of course, there was no size 6. Arrgghh!! The price tag on these are $99 if I remember correctly. I think I like the gold ones more. What do you think:

Stila - free shipping this weekend

Stila has some great make-up. I own Stila's lip glaze and bronzer in fact. They're offering free shipping if you shop on their site this weekend. Just use coupon code "WELOVEU". More info: Stila Cosmetics -