I've been going to Habana for several years whenever I have an itch for Cuban food in OC and don't feel like heading up to LA. I've had a lot of good memories here, from new job celebrations, taking an out of town girlfriend here to date night with my hubby. The inside of the restaurant is dim and candlelit, while the outdoor patio makes ya think you're escaping far far away.

Last Friday, we dined on an appetizer of queso (I forgot what kind, sorry!) and ropas viejas (shredded beef in a tomatoe type sauce a la Filipino apritada) w/ plantains.

Dessert was this Cafe Cubano chocolate mousse. A milk chocolate mousse encased in a dark chocolate shell with dark chocolate cake on the bottom. Cream and coffee beans top it off. Mmm!

More info:
Habana - http://www.thelab.com/


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