Shopping SF style

Have you ever seen a three story Levi's store? Whoa, I did! It was my first time going to this Union Square store. Third floor had stuff for men, while second floor had stuff for women and first floor had customized and vintage items. I did try on a pair of custom jeans with panda bears on the back button. Unfortunately, the rise was a little too high for my taste. Here are some pics:

H&M's. What can I say? It's been my favorite store since my trip to NYC a few years back with some girlfriends. When I heard they were going to open an H&M in CA the other year, I seriously considered driving up to San Fran to check out the two story store.

Being inside this store got me all giddy with excitement. I didn't know where to start. I was really impressed with their shoe offerings. Wish they had a size six though!

Here's a peek inside the store:

I think I tried on nine things in the dressing room but just ended with three things.


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