Had a lil' LA date w/ my hubby last Saturday to celebrate our two year anniversary. (How time flies!) We went to CA Science Center to see the BodyWorlds exhibit, and then were off to dinner at sugarFISH.

I first heard about this restaurant when I read in the Times that it's Tony Hawk's favorite sushi restaurant. The Japanese tradition of omakase (trust in the chef) sounded like an interesting way to dine. I have heard about it before but have never tried. Sushi Nozawa's little brother owns this Marina Del Rey restaurant too.

We ordered the trust me - one and two menu, where we were served tuna sashimi, albacore sushi, salmon sushi, crab and toro rolls. Mmm! The fish was so fresh and buttery. The albacore and tuna were served with ponzu sauce (my favorite!).

Tuna sashimi

Albacore and salmon sushi

Crab and toro rolls

Oh, the added treat was that we sat right next to Elijah Woods eating dinner with his family. I guess he likes their sushi too.

More info:
sugarFISH -


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