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LA adventure

So, my girlfriends and I decided to go windowshop on Roberston and eat at The Ivy tonight. I can't wait. Stay tuned for pix or catch us on TMZ. Haha!

Kean Coffee in Tustin

Imagine my surprise when I read the Fast Food Maven blog. The news is out that Kean Coffee will open in Tustin. I have been keeping the secret since Martin Diedrich told me a few weeks ago when I ordered my white chocolate steamer at the Newport Beach location. He said he was keeping the news on the downlow. I can't wait. I know he'll bring that neighborhood coffee vibe back. Hooray!

Baskin Robbins treat

Did you know you can buy one and get 1/2 off on any frozen beverage at Baskin Robbins? I haven't had a cappuccino blast forever. Mmm! More info: Baskin Robbins email

Free Shipping on Seychelles shoes

I love taking advantage of online deals. Here's one worth mentioning - free shipping on Seychelles shoes starting September 22 to October 13. More info: Seychelles -

LA Times articles

I've been behind on my LA Times reading and came across these great fashion and beauty articles. Say ooh la la! Sex and the city style on HSN Chinese laundry shoes Spinlash and Estee Lauder turbo lash Rock and Republic make-up


I was reading my fave celeb blog and found out that Gwyneth Paltrow launched a new Web site. I checked it out and it looks similar to Daily Candy. She has sections like Go, Get, Do, Be and See. I signed up and will post anything cool that comes my way. More info: Goop -

Soap Leaves

I saw these pretty soap leaves in outblush. I love how paper thin and cute they are. I think they would look great in my guest bathroom. More info: Soap Leaves -

Las Vegas 21 ideas

Ran across a great article the other day on free and low-cost ideas to do in Las Vegas. I can't wait for next weekend to visit the Pinball Museum and check out a sunset view of the strip at THEhotel at Mandalay Bay. More info: LA Times article -

Lobster Festival

Heard about a cool food event coming up next weekend (September 26 to 28). The Lobster Festival looks like a great family event where you can try Maine lobsters and sample some South Bay restaurants like Captain Kidd's Fish Market and Silvio's Brazillian BBQ. Sounds pretty cool! More info: 13th Annual Dive N'Surf Redondo Beach Lobster Festival -

Great skin

Just read this article on "Great skin secrets from Hollywood's prettiest ladies". I wish I followed this list closely. I need to stop staying up so late and need to go back to drinking more water. I do notice when I eat fish and berries seem to help my clear skin. More info: That Glow: Celebrities with the healthiest most goregeous skin -

New York Fashion Week

Trendcentral offered a great recap on NY's fashion week yesterday. The trends I like and might sport are asymmetrical blouses and jumpsuits. I still own a few pieces when these were trends years ago. I should take a pic of this black asymmetrical tee and white jumpsuit I have in my closet. More info: New York Fashion Week: S/S 2009 -


I love the results of masques and don't know why I don't put one on more often. The Aveda Tourmaline Charged Radiance Masque is my favorite. It helps exfoliate my skin and makes it feel so soft afterwards. I guess those key ingredients of lycopene (from tomatoes!) and tourmaline work! More info: Aveda Tourmaline Charged Radiance Masque -

Olympic Sculpture Park

During last weekend's Seattle stay, my brother-in-law wanted to take us to Olympic Sculpture Park. I learned from him that it was once a former industrial site but with Seattle millionaire money turned into a waterfront park with outdoor sculptures. The works of art were all pretty unique. I can see why it has won design awards. The waterfront view was awe inspiring. If I lived in Seattle, I would definitely go here more often to relax and enjoy the scenery. See the works of art here: More info: Olympic Sculpture Park -


My mom asked my brother the other night if he'd like to go to Oktoberfest for bratwurst and sauerkraut. I wonder if she knows they serve beer there too. We might be here this weekend even though it's not October yet. It's hilarious to think my wedding coordinator took us to Old World a few years ago to look at this place as a potential reception site. Haha! More info: Oktoberfest 2008 in Old World, Huntington Beach -


Last weekend after a morning flight to Seattle, my brother-in-law treated us to brunch at Monsoon located in this cute Capitol Hill neighborhood. The food was Vietnamese fusion. I couldn't decide what to get on their daily menu. The banh xeo and waygu flank steak with organic fried eggs and mixed greens sounded good, but I decided on some noodles instead. My lovely brunch: Vermicelli Noodles with lemongrass chicken and crispy vegetable roll Bun Cha Hanoi (Berkshire pork patty and pork belly on a bed of vermicelli) More info: Monsoon -

Spa Week

Spa Week is happening this September 15 to 21 in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and San Fran. When you sign up, you get access to info of local spas offering $50 treatments. How awesome is that! I'm thinking of booking the 50 min Swedish Massage at Pacific Waters Spa at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach. More info: Spa Week -

Stila's smoky eyes

Stila has these cool eye palettes if you want to achieve smoky eyes. I bet brown eyes would look great with the runway look palette. More info: Sephora - Image credit: Stila email 09/05/08


Just returned from Seattle. Highlights include trying out Monsoon (a Vietnamese fusion restaurant), seeing the Olympic Sculpture Garden, and chowing down at Travolta (family style Italian eating). Stay tuned for pics from my trip! Two special shout outs: Congrats to the new Mrs aka Seattle Stacie! Go Broncos!

Yardhouse's creme brulee

My friends and I discovered that Yardhouse has a late night happy hour starting at 10pm with drink and appetizer specials. Since everything around my house seems to close at an early hour, Yardhouse's hours are great. Besides ordering their yummy food, one of my favorite desserts of all time there is the creme brulee. With carmelized bananas decorated on the side, this custardy goodness has dark chocolate bottom mixed with bananas. It's pure genius and I highly recommend this treat. Say ooh la la: More info: Yardhouse -

Beauty tips

Saw this Wacky Beauty Tips That Work article on Yahoo today. Of the thirty tips, I've tried only two of them like using toothpaste on a zit and heating up my eyelash curler. I should come up with a list of my own to share. Hmm...

Old Navy flats

I saw these Women's Color-Block Croc-Print Flats in taupe and pink at Old Navy yesterday. I have been thinking about them non-stop. I'm wondering if I should get them to add to my work shoe collection. Things that make you go hmmm...


In preparation for the Gossip Girl premiere party, my friend and I baked tonight. It was my first time baking a pizookie from scratch. The pizookie turned out delicious with the macadamia nuts mixed throughout. The lemon cupcakes had a nice tart sweet flavor. Yummy! Our creations: pizookie w/ vanilla ice cream lemon cupcakes