Seal Beach kite festival

It would have been a typical Sunday afternoon of going to church and watching the Broncos at Hooters Lampost Pizza. But at halftime, I decided to ditch the boys and go to the Seal Beach kite festival. The drive on PCH was relaxing with the cool breeze tangling my hair.

I was amazed at all the kites roaring in the sky. I even made a cool yellow kite that I flew after the revolution kite demos. It was so neat to see all the kites in the sky. I definitely will check this out next year and bring some peeps with me. I had such a good time chilling and watching the kites, that I didn't even mind the $35 parking ticket I got. Shh, just don't tell my brother!

Lookie at what I saw:

The best kite of all - my yellow paper kite:

More info:
Seal Beach Japan America Kite Festival -


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