Thai cooking class

Last Sunday, I attended a Thai cooking class at Laguna Culinary Arts. Chef Tony taught me along with nine other students. Right when I got there, I got my very own station, apron, and dish towel.

We started with cutting mangos for the sticky rice and mango and chicken for the chicken satay. I now know I need to work on my kniving skills.

That night, I got to learn how to make pad thai. It was so neat chopping the onions and smashing the garlic. I got to sautee all the ingredients. Soo cool!

At the end of the night, we got to enjoy all our hard work. See the masterpieces below. I can't wait to make pad thai at my next dinner gathering. Yum!

Chicken satay

Tom kha gai

Pad thai

Sticky rice w/ mango


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