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Garlic Jo's

My bro and I have been wanting to try Garlic Jo's for some time. I absolutely love garlic and love The Stinking Rose in LA too so couldn't wait to go finally. My bro ordered a creamy garlic pasta with shrimp on the side. I got the fillet mignon with mashed potatoes, carrots, and brocolli. A friend ordered their famous garlic fried rice. We started with mushroom al ajillo and garlic bread. The two ended with garlic ice cream and complained they couldn't taste the garlic. The waitress said that was probably because of all the garlic they had earlier in the meal. Haha! My garlic smothered filet mignon was presented nicely and served medium. It cooked before my very eyes on this hot pan. Mmmm! More info: Garlic Jo's on Yelp -


(Excuse the lag in posts, been sick w/ the flu.) A couple Saturdays ago, I went to BLD for a late lunch after visiting LACMA's Vanity Fair Exibit (excellent btw!). I guess BLD stands for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Since breakfast is my fave meal, I ordered the blueberry ricotta pancakes. They served the syrup in a cute little tin. Other orders at the table included fried egg sandwich with hash browns, grilled beef burgers, and a lovely cheese plate (I love cheese!). Here's some lovely photos: This restaurant had a cute modern feel - spacious with minimal decor. Oh how I love that look! I definitely recommend this restaurant on your next LA outing. Yelpers like it too! More info: BLD -

Lavender shampoo

My hubby loves organic shampoo and bought this yummy smelling lavender shampoo. I love it because of its: 1.) rich lather 2.) how it moisturizes my winter dry hair 3.) relaxing scent He likes the Burt's Bees shampoo/conditioner I got way back too. More info: Avalon Organics - Lavender Nourishing Shampoo -


I love going to Sephora! It's like a candy store for make-up. On Saturday, I had to drop by to buy a birthday gift and had to check if they had anything for me. I got the NARS highlighting/bronzing blush duo in Sin/Casino. I love that it makes it look like I have some color in this winter weather. As a treat for my hands, I got the Laura Mercier Almond Cocunut hand creme. Smells so yummy and decadent. More info: NARS Highlighting/Bronzing Blush Duo - Laura Mercier Almong Coconut Body & Bath Collection -

Vanity Fair Portraits exhibit @ LACMA

Today, the hubby and I will take advantage of the 3 day holiday by having another LA date. We'll prob grab lunch somewhere. (He always finds a yummy place to chow down at. Last time was Pizzeria Mozza . Yum!) We'll also be going to LACMA to check out the Vanity Fair Portraits exhibit on display until March 1. I've heard mixed reviews on this exhibit, so am pretty stoked to see it for myself. One cool thing is that Target is sponsoring free admission on holiday Mondays. Whoo hoo! More info: LACMA Vanity Fair Portraits -

Cupcake map

I got giddy for joy when I read the LA Times Daily Dish blog and saw their Great L.A. Cupcake Map. I would love to hit up all these cupcakeries and test them all out. My favorite at the moment has to be the cupcakes from Bristol Farms. I blogged about their raspberry lemon cupcake last June. Mmm! More info: Great L.A. Cupcake Map -

Shari's Berries

Here's a gift idea that's unique. What person doesn't like chocolate covered strawberries? Hopefully she's not reading right now, but I got my best friend a dozen chocolate covered strawberries for her belated birthday/Valentine's Day. Hope she enjoys it! More info: Shari's Berries -

Stylist Secrets

Imagine life if you had a stylist. You would never get caught with a mismatched outfit or wardrobe malfunction. Yahoo! Shine did a post last month on products to use to look picture perfect. I've never heard of products like Yummy Tummy, Bralief, or Hug my Heels, but good to know I have options. More info: 10 Secret Weapons of Celebrity Stylists -

Uniqlo on the West Coast

I was browsing my favorite LA Times All the Rage blog and found out that Uniqlo and Opening Ceremony will be teaming up for a West Coast collection. The prices sound right on the money ranging from $19 to $79. The post says it will feature men's spring/summer clothing next month. Sounds like great news for guys. Happy shopping! More info: Uniqlo and Opening Ceremony team up for exclusive West Coast collection -

United Sale through Feb 13

My nephew alerted me of a spring savings sales United is having. Two catches - the sale ends Feb 13 and you have to travel by May 13. Safe travels! More info: United Sale on Expedia -

Empanada Mama

How can I forget?! I've been meaning to blog about Empanada Mama - a small restaurant I visited last month during my weekend trip to the lovely NYC. It was pretty late when we dined there so I definitely loved the affordable snacky menu they had. I'll let the pictures and captions do the talking. Plantains and guacamole. The guacamole was homemade and spicy. You can never go wrong with my two favorite things. Butternut squash was warm and hit the spot. Was nice and creamy - a nice contrast to the cold NYC weather. Beef empanada was good. Dessert was a banana and chocolate empanada. I've never had dessert in an empanada before. Oooh! More info: Empanada Mama -


I read somewhere that Kangol opened their first US store in LA, so when I went to Venice last Sunday, I was excited to run into this place on Abbot Kinney. My girlfriend got a navy blue faux fur beret. So chic! Tres bien! I scoped the store but unfortunately didn't find anything I liked. The store though had this cool vibe and layout, so I definitely had to take pictures. The exterior: The interior: (Sorry to my brother for not calling him when I was there. He was disappointed I didn't get him anything. Oops!) More info: Kangol, 1132 Abbot Kinney Boulevard, (310) 399-8444

Comme Ca

The hubby picked me up for work last Wednesday to take me to a surprise birthday dinner in LA. We drove to West Hollywood and went to Comme Ca. I heard about the French restaurant in the LA Times. When it was time to order, I asked for the steak frites while he got the paleron of beef bourguignon (he googled it and said it's beef shoulder). My steak frites was so good that I didn't ask for a bite of his. (That's when you know I really like my food!) Before the meal, we shared their soupe du jour - a nice celery soup. Mmm! I can never pass up dessert so we ordered the profiteroles aux glace & sorbet. What's this, you ask? It's a chocolate topped cream puff filled with sorbet drizzled with even more chocolate. Saving the best for last, the highlight of our meal was the plate of frommage. A man brought it out and explained all the different cheeses and toppings. Hearing the explanations about the cheese plate made me feel like I was a judge on Top Che

Venice boardwalk

Last Sunday, my out of town girlfriend wanted to go to Venice boardwalk to enjoy the nice sunny day. (What a difference from today's rainy day!) Going to Venice is an experience unlike any other beach outings. I wonder why I don't go more often. Once you step foot there, you feel like you're not in LA anymore and away from all the materialism you experience in this Western world. Walking down the boardwalk is great. So much eye candy to see. The vendors sell such unique things like hand painted skulls for $15. The artists paint oil paintings right before your very eyes. You can Brazillian dance and jam to the beating drums if you want to. (We did and it was so fun!) I also saw the symbol of Venice Beach - this guy who skates with a guitar. I guess my friend said he's been featured in some movies and ads. How cool! More info: Venice Beach -

The Lost Bean

In Tustin, Lynly L prefers her coffee with room for green, and orders it from The Lost Bean, where they serve drinks in corn-oil based cups and “30% of profits go to philanthropic causes.” Sitting back, sippin' a hot cuppa brew? Now that’s a charitable endeavor that's easy to savor. I read that in my Yelp newsletter this week so decided to try The Lost Bean this morning after an exhausting kickboxing session. The Lost Bean is located in this cute lil' Tustin plaza. Inside the organic coffee and tea place, there were tons of customers lounging around sipping their drinks. It had a total indie feel and kind of reminded me of Kean Coffee in Newport Beach. I definitely will return and will bring some friends. I also like that they donate 30% of their profits to local charities. How awesome is that! A business with a true purpose! The chai tea latte had a unique spicy flavor, whereas the strawberry muffin was tasty but not overly sweet. Yum: More info: The Lost Bean

The Jewels of New York

My girlfriend sent me this note about a friend's sister's new business. The Valentine cookies on the site look wonderful. Too bad I missed watching the Martha Stewart appearance today. Take a lookie! --- The Jewels of New York Hey Guys! My older sister Diana Yen and her business partner Lisel Arroyo will be demonstrating their signature Jewel Heart Cookies for Valentine's Day on the MARTHA STEWART SHOW airing February 6th on NBC, Channel 4 at 11am ET / 2pm PT. Spread some love and purchase the cookies available on their website. They make the perfect gift for Valentines Day <3 Their website is Please share their site with all that are looking for inspiration in the kitchen and home. Check in weekly for new recipe updates and their online home store coming soon. Thank you all for your support!

Orange socks

I saw this on the train this morning and just had to take a picture. I think orange socks on men is a definite fashion no. Don't cha think? BTW, more on my yummy birthday dinner at Comme Ca last night. What a delish French meal. :)

Marianne Kooimans

My out of town friend wanted to go to Venice yesterday. One cool boutique we checked out at Abbot Kinney was called Koko. It featured unique shoes from Marianne Kooimans. We stared and stared at the shoes to figure out what they were made of. Guess what?! They're made of fish scales. So cool huh? I tried them on and they were so comfy. Maybe I'll save up and buy a pair one day. Here's a peek: More info: Los Angeles Best of LA - Best Under the Radar Designer article - Marianne Kooimans -