Venice boardwalk

Last Sunday, my out of town girlfriend wanted to go to Venice boardwalk to enjoy the nice sunny day. (What a difference from today's rainy day!)

Going to Venice is an experience unlike any other beach outings. I wonder why I don't go more often. Once you step foot there, you feel like you're not in LA anymore and away from all the materialism you experience in this Western world.

Walking down the boardwalk is great. So much eye candy to see. The vendors sell such unique things like hand painted skulls for $15.

The artists paint oil paintings right before your very eyes.

You can Brazillian dance and jam to the beating drums if you want to. (We did and it was so fun!)

I also saw the symbol of Venice Beach - this guy who skates with a guitar. I guess my friend said he's been featured in some movies and ads. How cool!

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