Gossip Girl on Bluefly

I think I'm going through Gossip Girl withdrawal. A new episode will be premiering next Monday March 16 and my Gossip Girl parties will resume again. Hooray! (Um, yes, I invite friends over to watch GG. XOXO)

Back to my point, I was on Bluefly's site and spotted a Gossip Girl store. You basically click on a character you like and see clothing styles they'd wear. I couldn't decide who's style I like more - Serena, Blair or Jenny. Serena does have the nicest taste in coats. Check out this DKNY grey wool tweed belted coat. Blair always wears the cutest blouses, but not sure if I could wear them in this cold weather. This Robert Rodriguez jet printed chiffon ruffle tie blouse is a cutie. Jenny's style is cute and simple. I think I dress this way though I'd love to dress more girly or trendy. This A.B.S. black white zebra printed sateen dress is pretty.

More info:
Gossip Girl on Bluefly - http://www.bluefly.com/custom/custom.jsp?promoId=m920102


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