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Chateau Marmont

Last Tuesday, I met up with some girlfriends to go eat dinner at Chateau Marmont. Imagine our surprise when we saw Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens from High School Musical fame. Our table was small but food was delicious. Service was good too. They didn't kick us out at 8:45pm like when I went to Osteria Mozza. Even though the restaurant/hotel was near busy Sunset Blvd, it felt cozy eating outside in their outdoor garden. It felt very European cafe-like. I'd love to return to Chateau Marmont to bring other friends there. Here's a food recap: Steak au poivre with pomme frittes Grilled salmon with vegetables Seafood risotto Chocolate cake Vanilla tart with fresh berries More info: Chateau Marmont -

31 Cent Scoop Night

Baskin Robbins is having 31 Cent Scoop night today from 5pm to 10pm to raise money for firefighters. More info: Baskin Robbins 31 Cent Scoop Night -

The Doctors

When I'm home on weekdays, I love catching "The Doctors" on channel 9 at 11am. It's the perfect show for a hypochondriac like me. Imagine four doctors dishing out medical advice or health news. There are four doctors with different specialties - ER physician, OB/GYN, cosmetic surgeon and pediatrician. So cool! More info: The Doctors -

101 Cheap Eats

I got this month's Los Angeles Magazine in the mail and pretty excited to read their 101 Cheap Eats. I skimmed through the article and they name taco trucks, bbq, hamburgers, dumplings and other food. More info: Los Angeles Magazine -

Daily Travel & Deal Blog

One of my hobbies is traveling and I love checking out LA Times' Daily Travel & Deal Blog. They post sales from airlines and cool places to go. Oh, how I would love to go travel to a far away island this year! More info: Daily Travel & Deal Blog -

Method hand wash

I recently ran out of Bath and Body Works hand soap and wanted to replace it with something new and less pricy. I bought the method hand wash sea minerals at Target. I really like the clean smell and non-soapy feel. Not bad for $4. More info: Method hand wash sea minerals -

Happy Earth Day!

Here are some things I do to help save our earth: -Take the train and subway -Carpool -Use my aluminum water bottle more instead of buying plastic water bottles -Recycle plastic, alumninum and glass -Donate clothes to charity Thought I'd share some helpful info: To donate clothing or goods, go to His Hands Christian Service, 17270 Ward St, Fountain Valley, CA 92708. I recently donated five bags of clothes and one bag of shoes. To find vintage/recycled clothes, go to Dee Lux, 1500 Adams Ave, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 ( ). I got a great watch necklace there.

Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day - 04/21

The hubby and I went for a walk last night and he told me about Ben & Jerry's Free Cone day. Too bad I'll be in LA for dinner or else I would scope this out. Stores will open their doors from noon to 8pm, so check it out. More info: Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day -

2009 Bike MS

I heard from a friend that there's a bike ride from Orange County to San Diego on October 10 to 11. There is a 30, 100 or 150 mile option. I was thinking of signing up and trying the 30 mile. The $400 fundraising minimum may be tough to meet. Hmm... More info: 2009 Bike MS -

The Importance of Being Earnest featuring Neil Patrick Harris

I've been a big fan of Doogie, um I mean Neil Patrick Harris, since his days when he played a child doctor and loved his role on Harold and Kumar. I have yet to watch How I Met Your Mother, though I hear from my brother that he rocks on that show. I heard somewhere that Neil Patrick Harris will be starring in a play this June. I am sooo there. Tix are $48 and $40 for general and $20 for students. Play runs June 17 to 19 at 8pm, June 20 at 2:30pm, and June 21 4pm. More info: The Importance of Being Earnest at Skirball -

Bike outfit

So, I signed up for the VW Fun Ride and will bike with some friends next Sunday. I trained a little today and biked 15 miles around my city. The fashion conscious person in me thought "what will I wear on my first bike race?". I bought some cool Champion grey mesh shorts for $9.99 at Target and fushia sports tank for $7.99 at Old Navy. Look at how cute I'll look. Haha!

All the fashion blogs have been raving about Net-A-Porter’s discount designer site,, that launched this week. The site features designer clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories. I saw a dress w/ a high price tag of $1,413. (Ouch!) One cool feature like iShopFem and Gilt is their Flash Sales. You can snag spring dresses during a 72 hour sale happening on April 24 during their first Pop Up Sale or snag a ChloĆ© Saskia tote bag on May 1 during their Going, Going, Gone Sale where you set the price you want to pay. The Dress Me section looks promising, where they suggest outfits for every occasion. You can find something for work, vacation or a social event. Very cool! More info: -

Allure Best of Beauty list

I was researching body lotion for my dry skin and stumbled upon Allure's Web site. I love that they did all the research for me. I saw lots of beauty products along with their prices. Oooh la la! I think I will be buying the Johnson's Softlotion Extra Care Healing Lotion for $4.99 and Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel for $3.99. Check out their list for more beauty products to try! More info: Allure Best of Beauty 2008 -

El Padre Cuban Festival - 04/19

I was listening to the radio last weekend and heard about the "El Padre Cuban Festival" happening on Sunday April 19 from 3pm to 8pm. It sounds like a cool festival featuring music, food, and entertainment. With sponsors like Porto's and Versailles, I can just imagine this to have great food and treats. Tickets are $20/advance and $25/door at the 740 Downtown Los Angeles. More info: El Padre Cuban Festival -

Pure Relaxation Massage

Whenever I'm stressed, nothing relaxes me more than a Pure Relaxation Massage at Burke Williams in Orange. When I go on the weekends, it is busy but still cozy and private. I didn't even have to share the sauna and dry steam room at all. Their quiet room is awesome too. I really need to make a dark room with recessed lighting so I can read magazines with a blankie. When it was time for my massage, my masseuse, Casey, was courteous and asked if I liked light, medium or hard pressure. I usually ask for "light" but when she felt my tense shoulders and knots she went with medium/hard pressure. Thank goodness. Now, if only, I can bring this feeling w/ me always... More info: Burke Williams Spa -

Chuck Bass lookalike

Yesterday, the hubby and I met up w/ his sister's family for an Easter breakfast. I loved his outfit - very Chuck Bass a la Gossip Girl. Imagine gray Acme jeans, light pink dress shirt with a hankerchief and skinny brown and pink stripe tie followed by black sneakers. Very stylish!

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

I recently ran out of my Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. I was so desperate and had to use samples until I bought a refill. This product is THAT good. First, you wet your face and shake a teeny tiny bit into your palms and mix it to emulsify and wash your face. These ricey powder exfoliates and makes my skin feel smoother and brighter. I seriously love this stuff. It definitely helps with my hyperpigmentation. More info: Dermalogica site -

Neutrogena Eye Makeup Remover

Don't feel like spending a ton on eye makeup remover? (Ahem, does Lancome come to mind?) I have been using a great eye makeup remover that's affordable and takes off my waterproof mascara effortlessly. The Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover is awesome and not greasy like other removers. More info: Neutrogena site -

Fashion trends for Spring 2009

According to TrendCentral, floral dresses, tropical colors, graphic prints, baggy pants, and bondage shoes will be in this spring. The bondage shoes look pretty cool and a little break from all the gladiator heels I saw last season. I'm not sure I'm digging the baggy pants. It's a little too MC Hammer for me. Floral dresses might be the only trend I might follow this season. More info: TrendCentral Style article -

VW Fun Ride

I was thinking of signing up for the Volkswagen City of Angels Fun Ride happening on April 26. The event will have a 35 mile recreational bike ride or 49 mile advanced bike ride to support the Childrens Hospital Los Angeles Bloodmobile Fund. Sounds like a great event! More info:

Del Mar Farmer's Market

I think I have been going to Farmer's Markets even before I knew what that word meant. I remember my mom dragging me to these outdoorsy places as a little girl just so she can buy fresh and cheap produce. Last Saturday, my mom and I visited La Jolla and Del Mar for a lil' day trip. We stumbled upon this great farmer's market. They had the most colorful flowers, juicy strawberries, fresh seafood, and vegan garlic dip. Everything looked great. We wished we had a cooler so we could buy flowers and seafood for the trip back to OC. Oh well! The fruit cup we bought was delicious especially with the hot chili pepper that the lady sprinkled on. Mmm! Check out the strawberries we bought. The ahi tuna looked amazingly fresh. I wanted to take these yellow daffodils home with me. Beautiful Del Mar beach More info: Del Mar Farmer's Market -

Spa Week is back

I got an email last week that Spa Week will be happening in Arizona, California, Colorado, DC, Florida, Gerogia, Illinoi, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnestoa, New Jersey, New York, North Carolins, Pennyslvania, Texas, Virginia, Washington and Canada. Dates will be April 13-19. You just need to sign up or login to see which day spas are available. I suggest booking early. When I tried booking during the last spa week promotion, massages were booked up. More info: Spa Week -

BBQ Chicken

A month or so ago, the hubby and I tried BBQ Chicken at Diamond Jamboree (this Irvine multi-cultural plaza in Irvine). We've taken a few friends and family here since then. It's a great Korean restaurant that stays open late and is really affordable. They serve fried chicken prepared with olive oil. Their spicy sauce is the best - sweet yet tangy hot. Other items to try on the menu include their fried rice and french fries. Yum yum! More info: BBQ Chicken -

Spotted: Ruffle Wedge Sandals

(Yes, I watch Gossip Girl and may occasionally talk like the show.) I spotted these cute ruffle wedge sandals available at Target for $29.99 while reading the LA Times. I guess ruffles will be in this season. Good thing, I own a couple items. Hurry and snatch these before others snag them. XOXO, D. More info: Mossimo Wedge Sandals - LA Times All the Rage blog -,0,6302029.photogallery?index=4

Thai New Year Festival - 04/05

Saw this in the LA Times Daily Dish blog yesterday. I'm trying to convince my friend to go. We'll see. I can just taste the pad thai now... SUNDAY Thai Town celebrates Songkran, Thailand's traditional New Year, by closing off Hollywood Boulevard between Western and Normandie and filling it with delicious Thai food booths, Singha beer vendors, live music, Thai boxing, dancing and traditional arts and crafts. The second annual International Curry Festival is also part of the mix, when international curry products will compete for the "Curry King" title. Thousands of people are expected, so may we suggest you arrive via subway. There's a Red Line stop at Hollywood and Western. Songkran Festival, Hollywood Boulevard, between Normandie and Western. 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Free.

Christopher Elbow Chocolates

After comic book shopping in Hayes Valley in San Francisco, the hubby, friends, and I took some time to rest by heading to Christopher Elbow Chocolates. Though I couldn't get any chocolates, I did opt in for Cocoa Noir Dark Drinking Chocolate. Hubby got his prepared with water while mine was prepared with milk. Mmmm! Nothing beats hot chocolate on a drizzly San Fran afternoon. Kinda reminds me of eating chocolata con churro in Espana. More info: Christopher Elbow Chocolates -

Borobudur Restaurant

Borobudur Restaurant holds a special place in my heart. The hubby and I visited this restaurant called “the best Indonesian food in the Bay Area" by Asia Week magazine a few years back with some college friends so it was neat to return in 2009. This time around, we went with my brother and friends on a San Fran trip two weekends ago. It was neat to introduce them to Indonesian food. My favorite dishes had to be the Roti Prata, Nasi Goreng, and Oseng – Oseng Tahu Tempe. Now only if I could find an Indonesian restaurant in OC or LA. Hmmm... Here's a gallery of Indonesian culinary journey: Roti Prata - Pan fried layered bread served with curry dipping sauce Nasi Goreng - Fried rice with egg, onion, with chicken Oseng – Oseng Tahu Tempe - tofu and eggplant Ayam Bakar Cabe – B.B.Q. marinated spicy chicken in special chili sauce More info: Borobudur Restaurant -