Del Mar Farmer's Market

I think I have been going to Farmer's Markets even before I knew what that word meant. I remember my mom dragging me to these outdoorsy places as a little girl just so she can buy fresh and cheap produce.

Last Saturday, my mom and I visited La Jolla and Del Mar for a lil' day trip. We stumbled upon this great farmer's market. They had the most colorful flowers, juicy strawberries, fresh seafood, and vegan garlic dip. Everything looked great. We wished we had a cooler so we could buy flowers and seafood for the trip back to OC. Oh well!

The fruit cup we bought was delicious especially with the hot chili pepper that the lady sprinkled on. Mmm!

Check out the strawberries we bought.

The ahi tuna looked amazingly fresh.

I wanted to take these yellow daffodils home with me.

Beautiful Del Mar beach

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