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I was driving to Little Tokyo and about to turn into the parking structure last Thursday. I was in this part of town to meet up with a girlfriend for dinner. What did I spot in the corner of my eye? A real life Kogi taco truck. Whoo hoo! I've heard about this on all the food blogs and was so stoked. When I met w/ my friend, I told her about the truck and we both decided to try a taco before dinner. I couldn't believe how long the line was but luckily it went by quick. I ordered the Kogi short ribs taco and Kogi spicy pork taco. I got 2 each so I could take some home for the hubby. So, what did I think? Did it live up to the hype? Why yes it did! I just hope the Kogi truck will be in the North Hollywood or LA Union Station area during the weekdays. Now that would be dope. By the way, the prices are way affordable. $2 tacos. $5 specials. $5 burritos. More info: Kogi BBQ -

YSL Touche Eclat

I have heard so many good things about Yves St Laurent Touche Eclat, like how it conceals dark circles and is a great brightener. I finally decided to buy one when I was in Macy's last week in New York. My Russian makeup artist, Natasha, was so helpful and applied it on me. She told me to apply it under my eyes, the line on my nose, underneath my eyebrows, and on my laugh lines. I loved that I looked more awake and it evened out my skin. I guess all the things I heard about this gold pen were true. More info: YSL Touche Eclat -

Cupcake Central

I'm obsessed with cupcakes as you can tell by my blog. Sometimes I leave a little early from work so I have time to drop by Cupcake Central to grab a lemon drop cupcake before catching my subway. This bakery offers different varieties daily a la Sprinkles. Their cupcakes are huge and definitely worth $3.50. They also have a punch card so when I get 10 cupcakes, I get one free. I love that they package it in a cute little see-through box so I can look at my cupcake on my subway/train commute home. I'll protect you, my cupcake. More info: Cupcake Central -

La Golondrina Cafe & Redwood Bar

Last Monday night, my brother and his friend met up w/ me in LA so we could grab dinner at Olvera Street and hit a downtown bar. Olvera Street is this historic alley that has a variety of Mexican restaurants and vendors. The brother decided on La Golondrina Cafe. He got a desayuno meal while I got the carnitas. Carnitas reminded me of a healthier Filipino lechon. His friend got the chicken w/ mole sauce. The mango margarita was pretty good too. The endless chips and salsa were a plus too. Afterwards, we went on the Metro Red Line to check out Redwood Bar. It was a pirate themed bar in Downtown on Hill Street. The place had an interesting look. Too bad we didn't spend more time there and had to catch our 8:30am Amtrak home. Can't wait for more weekday LA adventures! More info: La Golondrina Cafe - Redwood Bar -

I Madonnari Italian Street Painting Festival

The hubby and I were in Santa Barbara for a weekend Memorial Day getaway. We checked out the I Madonnari Italian Street Painting Festival, featuring artists creating colorful paintings using chalk on pavement in front of the Old Mission. Check out some photos I took: More info:

NY cupcake tour

I was on a mission to eat cupcakes when I was in NY last week. I tried Amy's Bread vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting. It was nothing special so I didn't take a picture. As we were going back to our apartment, my hubby and I met a local in the elevator and he told me about Billy's Bakery. I love getting foodie recommendations. Yes! I was able to try the twinkle cupcake which is vanilla cupcake with buttercream colored icing decorated with metal looking ball sprinkles. This cupcake was awesome! At Dean and Deluca, I got the lemon cupcake from Crumbs Bakery. It was neat that Dean carries baked goods from local bakeries as well as carry their own stuff. This humongous cupcake was unlike anything I tried. It had a burst of lemon filling in the middle. What a surprise! I'm sure I would've tried more cupcakes but I didn't want to go into sugar overload. Haha! More info: Billy's Bakery - Crumbs -

Top Shop recap

Why yes, I went to Top Shop in New York last Friday. I think I spent two hours in that store. It was three stories of pure heaven. The clothes were so cute and adorable. They even had a petite sizes too. Whoo hoo! After trying on six items in the store and walking up and down browsing, I got a striped black and white mini dress and suede leather ballet flats. I thought it was neat that they even had personal stylists on hand in case you need any help. I highly recommend visiting Top Shop on your next trip to the City. I'm a size small, by the way.


Thank goodness for Yelp when visiting a new part of town - Murray Hill to be exact. We (the hubby, his nephew, his two brothers and me) Yelp'ed Casaville on our last night in New York last Sunday. The ambiance was cozy yet lively, while the food was delish and affordable. We ordered mushrooms, escargot, bread with tomato, seafood paella, seafood frissee, cheese plate, chocolate pot dessert, strawberry tart, and a Coca Cola float with the bill only totaling $104. Sweet huh? Here are a few pix I took. I'm sure I would've taken more if I wasn't devouring my food. Hee! More info: Casaville on Yelp -

Central Park

Last Thursday, I walked around Central Park with the hubby's family. That park is awesome! It makes you think you're not in this big metropolitan city. No wonder New Yorkers love Central Park. Check out some lovely pictures from last week's jaunt. I highly recommend going there when visiting the City.


The hubby loves GQ magazine and trusts its food recommendations. When we were in New York last week for his nephew's graduation, he looked at their site for a recommendation on where to eat. He read about Boqueria. It's a restaurant that offers Basque and Catalan items from Spain. When we went with his mom, dad and sister last Thursday night, we ordered the bread with chorizo and cheese. Yummy! The sangria was awesome too but the highlight of the night was definitely the churros con chocolate. Yum yum! It sure reminds me of Espana. More info: GQ City Guide on New York -

Fun LA activities

I'm back from NYC, so stay tuned from some cool blog posts of my visit. While I was away, I got my LA Times newsletter and saw this cool article on fun LA activities. I would love to sign up for trapeze class or attend Sweaty Sunday 80's dance class. The Bollywood dance class seems dope too. Now, if only I can convince my friends... More info: A fun alternative to jogging

Topshop USA

I'm looking forward to NYC tonight. I get to celebrate a nephew's graduation and visit Topshop. Oooh la la! I've been browsing on their Web site and eyeing Kate Moss' dresses. So dainty and cute! The playsuits are adorable too. More info: Topshop USA -

Vitamin Boost Cream Cleanser

After two phone calls and one visit to Bath & Body Works, I finally found the C.O. Bigelow Vitamin Boost Cream Cleanser I heard about in Allure magazine. Customer reviews claimed it moisturized your skin after you washed it off. I have a tendency to get mixed up skin - dry sometimes, acne prone other times to normal. I bought this cleanser at Main Place mall for $10. So far, so good! It's creamy and makes my skin feel soft after a thorough cleansing. More info: C.O. Bigelow Vitamin Boost Cream Cleanser -

Aveeno Theraputic Shave Gel

I can't remember where I heard about it, but I tried Aveeno's Therapeutic Shave Gel on my legs. This gel was so cool and didn't leave a grimy film after you wash it off. Their claim of reducing razor bumps was true. The packaging was neutral looking and not all girly like the other brands too. A plus! More info: Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel -

Free Chocolate Fridays

I heard that Neil Patrick Harris was giving away chocolate in New York as part of the Mars Real Chocolate Relief Act. This marketing gimmick aims to improve the world's mood through candy. What a great concept! I registered and can't wait for my coupon for peanut M&Ms. More info: Mars Real Chocolate Relief Act - Neil Patrick Harris makes life sweeter with Real Chocolate Relief Act -

Downtown LA food scene

I usually like grabbing dinner with girlfriends in LA. I've been to The Ivy , Osteria Mozza , Chateau Marmont and Daikoukuya. I might be planning another trip in Little Tokyo or may try a new restaurant in Downtown LA for the next dinner outing. I've already tried Wurstküche - oh what great Belgian frites they have. I think it's awesome that downtown LA seems to have a good variety from seafood, Italian, to American. Yum! More info: Downtown LA food scene -,0,5708577.story

Kylie Minogue concert in October

My favorite dance singer is coming to the Hollywood Bowl on October 4. I have been to that venue for a jazz concert and the acoustics are like no other on Earth. Dramatic, aren't I? Kylie has the best dance songs ever. I love jamming to the Pandora Kylie Minogue station I made when I'm on the treadmill and when I hear her on Sirius channel 36. More info: Kylie Minogue US tour in October -

Cinco De Mayo

This post is a day late but Feliz Cinco De Mayo. My brother, hubby, his friend, and I were bored on Sunday night and decided to go to Downtown Santa Ana to celebrate Cinco De Mayo. We didn't know what to expect but had a great time nonetheless. We were probably the only non-Mexicans but we didn't care. Haha! The food at the festival was amazing and affordable. I recall eating a carne asada taco, chicken taquito, pupusa with cheese (imagine a quesidilla but w/ a cornmeal tortilla. yum!), roasted corn, churros, and fresh fruit. I loved all the food! I even won a pink dolphin after playing one of the carnival games. Sorry, 3 year olds! Check it out: Yummy street tacos - only $1.50/each Fresh fruit cup where I sprinkled lemon, chili and chili powder More info: Cindo de Mayo Los Angeles - *This link posts festivals that past but hopefully they update this again for 2010 festivals

Tustin Chili Cook Off

I always seem to be out of town or busy when the Tustin Chili Cook Off rolls into town. This year, I will be definitely marking Sunday June 7 on my calendar. I hope to go and try some good chili. Maybe they'll have vegetarian chili like Veggie Grill. More info: Tustin Street Fair and Chili Cook Off -

Morton’s Power Hour

My South Coast Plaza newsletter featured this Morton's food special. They must know I love happy hour food. Can't wait to try the petite filet mignon sandwich. Mmm! Morton’s Power Hour: New and Improved A good thing just got better. Morton’s Power Hour, with their incredible bar bites (petite filet mignon sandwiches or jumbo lump crab, spinach & artichoke dip for $5, anyone?) now has specials on cocktails and wine by the glass, not just weekdays, but every day, twice a day, 5 to 7 PM and 9 to close. Recently featured in the Orange County Register’s hot entertainment blog, “AfterWork.” (714) 444-4834

Hurley Warehouse Sale - 05/06 to 05/09

The next sale will be this week May 6 to 9 . It'll be at a big building off the 55 freeway at Dyer. You will see the big Hurley signs on the east side of the freeway. Check out what I bought last year. Oh, how I love my turquoise hoody.

Almay Eyeliner

I got tired of my usual black or navy blue eyeliner, so recently bought this affordable Almay intense i-color eyeliner in purple amethyst at Target. It's a pretty color for brown eyes. More info: Almay Intense i-Color Bring Out Eyeliner -

The Limited Sterling Silver Collection

Got an email the other day about The Limited's silver jewelry. The necklaces look like a great piece to go with casual or office wear. Or perhaps for a mother's day or birthday gift. I'm eyeing this one . More info: The Limited Sterling Silver Collection -