Cinco De Mayo

This post is a day late but Feliz Cinco De Mayo.

My brother, hubby, his friend, and I were bored on Sunday night and decided to go to Downtown Santa Ana to celebrate Cinco De Mayo. We didn't know what to expect but had a great time nonetheless. We were probably the only non-Mexicans but we didn't care. Haha!

The food at the festival was amazing and affordable. I recall eating a carne asada taco, chicken taquito, pupusa with cheese (imagine a quesidilla but w/ a cornmeal tortilla. yum!), roasted corn, churros, and fresh fruit. I loved all the food!

I even won a pink dolphin after playing one of the carnival games. Sorry, 3 year olds!

Check it out:

Yummy street tacos - only $1.50/each

Fresh fruit cup where I sprinkled lemon, chili and chili powder

More info:
Cindo de Mayo Los Angeles -
*This link posts festivals that past but hopefully they update this again for 2010 festivals


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