I was driving to Little Tokyo and about to turn into the parking structure last Thursday. I was in this part of town to meet up with a girlfriend for dinner. What did I spot in the corner of my eye? A real life Kogi taco truck. Whoo hoo! I've heard about this on all the food blogs and was so stoked. When I met w/ my friend, I told her about the truck and we both decided to try a taco before dinner. I couldn't believe how long the line was but luckily it went by quick.

I ordered the Kogi short ribs taco and Kogi spicy pork taco. I got 2 each so I could take some home for the hubby.

So, what did I think? Did it live up to the hype? Why yes it did! I just hope the Kogi truck will be in the North Hollywood or LA Union Station area during the weekdays. Now that would be dope.

By the way, the prices are way affordable. $2 tacos. $5 specials. $5 burritos.

More info:
Kogi BBQ - http://kogibbq.com/


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