La Golondrina Cafe & Redwood Bar

Last Monday night, my brother and his friend met up w/ me in LA so we could grab dinner at Olvera Street and hit a downtown bar. Olvera Street is this historic alley that has a variety of Mexican restaurants and vendors.

The brother decided on La Golondrina Cafe. He got a desayuno meal while I got the carnitas. Carnitas reminded me of a healthier Filipino lechon. His friend got the chicken w/ mole sauce. The mango margarita was pretty good too. The endless chips and salsa were a plus too.

Afterwards, we went on the Metro Red Line to check out Redwood Bar. It was a pirate themed bar in Downtown on Hill Street. The place had an interesting look. Too bad we didn't spend more time there and had to catch our 8:30am Amtrak home.

Can't wait for more weekday LA adventures!

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La Golondrina Cafe -
Redwood Bar -


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