NY cupcake tour

I was on a mission to eat cupcakes when I was in NY last week. I tried Amy's Bread vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting. It was nothing special so I didn't take a picture.

As we were going back to our apartment, my hubby and I met a local in the elevator and he told me about Billy's Bakery. I love getting foodie recommendations. Yes! I was able to try the twinkle cupcake which is vanilla cupcake with buttercream colored icing decorated with metal looking ball sprinkles. This cupcake was awesome!

At Dean and Deluca, I got the lemon cupcake from Crumbs Bakery. It was neat that Dean carries baked goods from local bakeries as well as carry their own stuff. This humongous cupcake was unlike anything I tried. It had a burst of lemon filling in the middle. What a surprise!

I'm sure I would've tried more cupcakes but I didn't want to go into sugar overload. Haha!

More info:
Billy's Bakery - http://www.billysbakerynyc.com/
Crumbs - http://www.crumbs.com/


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