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The Taste of Farmers Market - 07/14

The Tasting Table LA newsletter mentioned a yummy foodie event coming up. Now if only, I can find some peeps to go with. Tuesday, 7/14 5 to 9 p.m. Heads up! The Taste of the Farmers Market celebrates 75 years of food, family and fun at Third and Fairfax next month. More than 30 of the vendors will have food samples and discounts--everything from French toast to English toffee to Irish corned beef. There will also be live music and book signings. Tickets are $25 (includes two alcoholic beverages; $20 without). The Original Farmers Market, 6333 W. 3rd St., Mid-City; 323-933-9211 or

Movies at Newport Dunes

When I lived in Newport Coast a while back, I heard about movies at Newport Dunes. These movies look worthy: Jul 10 Babe Jul 25 Finding Nemo Aug 1 Kung Fu Panda Aug 21 Toy Story Aug 22 Lilo & Stitch Go check it out! More info: Movies on the Beach -

Goodbye Michael Jackson

I first got a text from my hubby last Thursday afternoon saying "Jacko in a coma. Poor Michael". I immediately checked out OMG Yahoo's page and read he died. How sad! I've been watching MJ coverage non-stop and listening to his music. My hubby even told me a story about how he wanted the red leather Beat It jacket when he was little, but couldn't afford it so he had to settle for a Members Only jacket. He was so jealous of his classmates. I also read an interesting Shoe Blog post about Michael's shoes and how he achieved the 45 degree lean in his Smooth Criminal music video. Rest in peace, Michael. The world will forever remember your music and fashion.

Yelp finds

In this week's Yelp newsletter, two things caught my eye. 1.) Buddha's Favorite - sushi at a cute and hidden Newport Beach location 2.)Friends of the Newport Beach Library Bookstore - cheap books from rich people I'll prob check it out sometime. More info: Buddha's Favorite - Friends of the Newport Beach Library Bookstore -

Sprinkles Cupcake Van

Not sure how I missed this on the LA Times, but Sprinkles has a cupcake van that you can follow on Twitter @sprinklesmobile . The roaming van will carry 1,500 cupcakes at a time to stops throughout the region. More info: LA Times cupcake van article -,0,5918974.story

Downward Dog

I subscribe to the Yoga Journal enewsletter and learned how great Downward Dog really is. I've always enjoyed relaxing in that pose. Check out what YJ has to say about this pose: Down Dog calms the brain and helps relieve stress and mild depression; it helps relieve the symptoms of menopause; it relieves menstrual discomfort when done with the head supported; it helps prevent osteoporosis; it improves digestion; it relieves headaches, insomnia, back pain, and fatigue; and it is therapeutic for high blood pressure, asthma, flat feet, sciatica, and sinusitis.

Lauren Conrad sale

With the announcement that Lauren will be launching a line w/ Kohl's, it makes sense why her site is selling stuff 70% off. I soo want this lily skirt, but of course they don't have a small. Sigh! More info: Lauren Conrad sale -

Thakoon on Gilt

The Thakoon sale ends 6/25 MIDNIGHT EDT. I browsed tonight and they have a nice selection of floral dresses. It's still kinda pricey but still worth checking out. More info: Gilt - write a comment if you want an invite to Gilt and i'll give you my info

Dwell on Design 09 LA

The hubby is a big modern design fan and subscriber to Dwell magazine. He signed me, my interior design mom and him for "The West Coast's Largest Modern Design Event" happening this weekend June 26 to 28 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. I can't wait to check it out on Sunday to get ideas when we buy our house. Ooh la la! More info: Dwell on Design -

Stars of Santa Barbara Orange County

The hubby told me yesterday he won tickets to a wine and food event at South Coast Plaza from KCRW. Stars of Santa Barbara Orange County will feature 40 wineries and 10 restaurants outside at the Garden Terrace. The event will benefit Second Harvest - Food Bank and music will be provided by KCRW's Jason Bentley. Can't wait til Wednesday night! More info: Learn About Wine -

Jimmy Choo for H&M

My fave blog alerted me that Jimmy Choo would be designing accessories and clothing for H&M. I bet budget conscious shoppers like me are rejoicing. No need to save $600 for a pair of shoes. Hee! Stay tuned for the collection on November 14. Ooh la la! More info: Shoe Blog -

Banh mi taco truck

First there was the original taco truck, then Kogi taco truck, and now a banh mi truck. I wouldn't mind if I could get a banh mi sandwich for lunch. Cheap and delicious! More info: Nom Nom Vietnamese Taco Truck -

MAC promo code

MAC Cosmetics offers 25% off your entire order when you enter either code SAVE25 or SUMO at checkout. Shipping is free if you spend $60 or more, otherwise shipping starts at $5. Got that tip from my brother yesterday. I haven't bought MAC forever, but do love their array of eyeshadows and blushes. Very chic!

maki maki Happy Hour

I'm always up for happy hour deals. My brother-in-law invited me, the hubby, and nephews to go to maki maki last Wednesday for Happy Hour. Our bill was $100 for six people. Not too bad for sushi. We got tons of spicy tuna rolls, eel and avocado rolls, salmon sushi, tuna sushi, cajun tuna sushi, edamame, and tempura. More info: maki maki -

'Wichcraft book

I was at William Sonoma the other week and saw Tom Colicchio's book on making great sandwiches. Who's Tom? He's only one of the judges on Top Chef and owner of Craft and 'Wichcraft. They have the best steak and sandwiches ever. I may get this book and attempt to cook something other than baked goods. More info: 'Wichcraft book -

Marie Callendar Pie Sale

I was on a mission last Friday afternoon to get boston cream pie, so went to Marie Callendar's. I was sadly informed they don't carry it anymore and stopped three years ago. How sad! I couldn't leave empty handed so got a lemon meringue pie for $6.99. Yum yum! Oh, how I love their pie sales! More info: Marie Callendar Pie Sale -

TopShop rings

I regret not buying these stacked rings at TopShop when I was in New York last month. Where can you find something this cool for $18? More info: Stippled stone rings -

Melody Ehsani Rings

I spotted this ring watch on Daily Candy yesterday and was immediately amused. How cool is that! I already own a necklace watch and this ring watch would be a great piece to add to my jewelry collection. More info: On the Clock -

Martha Stewart's Cupcakes

I was home a few days last week cuz of the stomach flu. One good thing about having no energy is watching good daytime TV programming aka The Doctors, Days of Our Lives, and Martha Stewart. Martha's show last week featured recipes from her new Cupcakes book along with recipes from NYC cupcakeries. I was drooling when I saw the Boston Creme Pie cupcakes. Wish I tried butter Lane and Sweet Revenge cupcakes when I was in New York. Next time! I also purchased Martha Stewart's Cupcakes cookbook Saturday night. There are a lot of delicious looking cupcakes and ideas. I can't wait to try them out. I love all the cupcake eye candy. More info: Martha Stewart The Cupcake Show -

Taco Rosa

I've seen Taco Rosa around my neck of the woods and never had the inkling to try it. It was only when I went to Cinco De Mayo in downtown Santa Ana that I've been craving Mexican food. I first grabbed taco take out at Taco Rosa a few weeks ago and loved the food, so asked the hubby to take me on Saturday for lunch. We ordered the obligatory chips and salsa before getting complimentary carrots and jicama sticks w/ tuna dip and chicken tortilla soup. I got the salmon taco on the side while we shared the steak and lobster fajita. Yum yum! We were so full and had no room for dessert. No fear though, we returned that night after watching Up for some churros con chocolate. Viva Espana! What did I think of it all? Muy bueno! Si si puede! The service was superb too. More info: Taco Rosa -

Very Sexy makeup

I was in Victoria's Secret browsing the beauty store when I was in Santa Barbara. The sale table had items 75% off. I got two Very Sexy mosaic eyeshadows for $4.50 when it was originally $18 each. Not too shabby, eh?

Five Guys

I first heard about Five Guys from food blogs and heard that they opened a location in Carson. My cousin tried it and raved about the cajun fries, while my hubby tried their burgers on business trip visits to New Jersey. I was happy to hear there was a Five Guys in Aurora, Colorado. The hubby, me and some friends checked it out on Sunday. I got the little cheeseburger complete with free toppings (grilled mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, mayo and ketchup). The cajun fries were awesome and tasty. I would definitely go again to Five Guys. More info: Five Guys -

Nude pumps

I've seen the trend of celebs wearing dresses with nude pumps. I love that the look elongates your legs. I bought a pair of nude pumps during my Colorado visit last weekend. I needed something to go with my burgundy BCBG satin dress I was wearing for a wedding reception. What was nervewracking shopping for shoes at Cherry Creek Mall was the lack of shoes in my skin tone. Luckily, Nine West came to the rescue. I found a pair on sale. Can't beat 30% off of $69.99.

The Natural Cafe

When I was in Santa Barbara during Memorial Day weekend, I wanted to eat healthy and saw The Natural Cafe. I love vegetarian fare since I was a pescatarian for a year in a half. I ordered the portobella mushroom sandwich that comes with jack cheese, tomato, sprouts, pesto and garlic mayo on 9-grain bread. It came with blue chips, but I didn't touch them. Blue food doesn't look natural except for blueberries. I also got vegetarian chili that came with corn bread and honey butter. I liked that it had a nice spice and kick to it. Too bad there's not a Natural Cafe in OC. I guess I'd have to visit one in the Valley or Santa Barbara again. More info: Natural Cafe -

Free Krispy Kreme Donut 06/05

According to the Fast Food Maven, Krispy Kreme will be giving away free donuts this Friday June 5. I already marked it on my iPhone calendar. Can't wait! More info: Krispy Kreme free doughnut day, June 5 -