Taco Rosa

I've seen Taco Rosa around my neck of the woods and never had the inkling to try it. It was only when I went to Cinco De Mayo in downtown Santa Ana that I've been craving Mexican food.

I first grabbed taco take out at Taco Rosa a few weeks ago and loved the food, so asked the hubby to take me on Saturday for lunch.

We ordered the obligatory chips and salsa before getting complimentary carrots and jicama sticks w/ tuna dip and chicken tortilla soup. I got the salmon taco on the side while we shared the steak and lobster fajita. Yum yum! We were so full and had no room for dessert. No fear though, we returned that night after watching Up for some churros con chocolate. Viva Espana!

What did I think of it all? Muy bueno! Si si puede! The service was superb too.

More info:
Taco Rosa - http://www.tacorosa.net/


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