Great books

I've read a lot of books on my train ride. Here are some mini-reviews. Hope you find something you like!

*resilence by elizabeth edwards - Great book where Mrs. Edwards talks about losing her son Wade, her incurable cancer, finding an identity without John, feelings of betrayal about John's affair. She doesn't have answers on how to get through it but shows how she went through the situation.

*catfish and mandala by andrew x. pham - Interesting book of a Vietnamese man cycling his way through Vietnam to retrace his roots. He often has recollections of his childhood on his journey. What was especially tragic is remembering his sister who committed suicide.

*born standing up by steve martin - I was expecting it to be funny but it was more about his life. He even lived in OC at one point and did magic at some local clubs. He talks about his struggle to make it in stand up and as an actor.

*Audition by barbara walters - Huge book on Barbara's life. Never knew she had an affair w/ a senator. Interviewed greats all around the world and paved the way for women in journalism when everyone thought she was just a weathergirl. Strugged to be a working mother.

*life with my sister madonna by christopher ciccone and wendy leigh - Madonna's brother enjoyed a nice ride all on Madonna's dime. He has a love/hate relationship w/ his sister and tries to get to know her but says Madonna is in her own world untouched by reality. He predicted Guy Ritchie trouble way before they divorced. Shows a glimpse in the celebrity world.

*eat pray love by elizabeth gilbert - Elizabeth broke her book into three sections. Lotsa eating in Italy. Praying in India. Enjoying life in Bali and finding love. She described her life turning upside down and leaving it all behind to go on a worldwide trip. Wish I could drop everything and just travel and not worry too.

*fair game by valerie plame wilson - Awesome book! A must read. Valerie was betrayed by our government because the husband went on a goodwill trip to Africa to find some dirt for the Iraqi war. He didn't find anything and wrote an op-ed piece. Then, she was outed as a CIA operative. She talks about her time on the Farm (very Bourne Identity like, ooh ahh!), the trial of Scooter Libby and civil suit against Bush, new life in New Mexico, and moving on.

*the extra half an inch by victoria beckham - A nice light read on Victoria's tips on fashion, beauty and style plus her life as a Spice Girl and Mrs. Beckham.

*rickles book by don rickles - Tiny book but hilarious. Mr. Rickles writes about various things that have happened in his life in mini-chapters. He talks about entertaining in Vegas to being the voice of Mr. Potato Head. Such a funny guy. Wish comics were still classy like him.


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