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San Diego date ideas

I was researching date ideas and came across these two. Check it out! * Cinema Under the Stars - * Kayak Photo Shoot - foodie

My Tasting Table newsletter gave me a great hint this week to check out the foodie category. This Web site names different events, festivals, and activities happening in the LA and OC area. More info; Experience LA Calendar - > Select Foodie when sorting by category

k'ya Laguna Beach

When my mom and I went to Laguna recently, we overheard some guys talking about how great the food is there. I decided this should be the restaurant where the hubby and I will celebrate our three year wedding anniversary. Last Saturday, I tried making reservations but they were booked and taking walk-ins. When we arrived at the restaurant inside La Casa del Camino, I put my name on the list and took the hubby to the rooftop bar. This bar felt so Miami with the cool ocean breeze and relaxed vibe. I loved that they even offered soft blue blankies in case you get cold. How sweet and cozy! Thirty minutes later, it was time for dinner. The menu is tapas/small plates style so we decided on three dishes. Lobster macaroni and cheese, shimp and sausage gumbo, tomatoe mozarella salad, and ahi poke. Of all the dishes, I fell in love with the lobster mac and cheese. Maybe it's my love for cheese! I do recommend this place but with a little caveat to get ready for the noise. I think with

Oliver Tolentino

Ever since I was a little girl, I saved this Mabuhay magazine of this woman wearing a gorgeous wedding dress. When I got married three years ago, I dreamed of wearing a traditional Spanish style type of dress just like that magazine cover from a Filipino designer. However, budgets and timing didn't work out so I got a nice Princessy ivory Jessica McClintock dress instead. Now brides don't have to worry now. Oliver Tolentino, famous for his wedding and evening gown designs, now has a store on Melrose in Los Angeles. Even though I'm married, I'd love to check out his new space to see what he has to offer. More info: Manila Meets Melrose -

Eye cream

I was on Lucky's Web site and saw an article on how to get young looking skin. Two things that popped out that I'll have to try are: *Bioré enliven cooling eye gel, $10, drugstores - this one claims to bring down puffiness. *Kiehl's creamy eye treatment with avocado, $25, - this one is praised for his antiaging properties. More info: Lucky how to -

DSW store @ Metropointe

After watching a movie at Metropointe in Costa Mesa, it is a ritual for me to go window shop at the DSW store. This discount shoe store has an awesome selection of flats, sandals, flip flops, heels, boots, and sneakers. The place I like hitting up first is the clearance section in the back, particularly the size 5 1/2 and 6 area. Surprisingly, there is never a lot of women there. Maybe they don't know about this back room. On my visit last Friday, I tried on a bunch of different shoes and fell in love with these Steve Madden Luxe heels in taupe on my visit. The price tag said $64.95 with an additional 30% off. Ooh la la! More info: DSW Shoes -

It's Hip To Be Round

My nephew sent out this link to the family last week. Guess he says hipsters are biting his style. I have noticed hipsters with little bellies. Ewww! More info: NY Times article -

Kean Acai Energy Bowl

I used to go to Kean a lot when I carpooled with friends in Newport. Last week, I've been going to Kean in Tustin. I tried the Acai Energy Bowl filled with granola and fresh cut bananas. Way yummy! More info: Kean Coffee -

Cha For Tea

I've been going to Cha For Tea since high school. It started at their former location in Asian Garden Mall in Little Saigon, followed by Irvine at University Center and Long Beach. Last week, I picked up a friend at the Long Beach airport and had somet time to kill so of course went to Cha For Tea. Oh, how I love their passion fruit green tea! Of all the boba places in the world, they are the only place that make my tea just right. Not too sweet or syrupy and perfectly balanced. More info: Cha For Tea -

Bourgeois Pig and The Daily Planet

Tuesday equals Friday or maybe I like any excuse to go out. My hubby, bro-in-law, and friends met up in Thai Town to get our grub on at Palms. Oh, how I love that place! Too bad the singing Elvis had the night off. After pigging out on pad kee mow, shrimp fried rice, fried fish, and crying tiger beef, we wanted dessert but they had no mango and sticky rice. Boo! We yelp'ed a dessert place and found Bourgeois Pig a block away. This place was very Colorado bohemian like. They served hot drinks like coffee, tea, mochas, etc. and had an array of desserts like crumb, carrot, and cheesecake. I tried the Pirate Chai tea, which is a mixture of green tea and chai tea. Pretty good, but not spicy enough. The morrocan mint tea was fragrant and tasty though. I digged the carrot cake too. They even had this cozy back room that reminded me of a forest with blue lighting and overhead Christmas lights. After our fun there, we went to The Daily Planet. This store is a newstand with cutesy item

Downtown Fashion Walk

I'm soo looking forward to the Downtown Fashion Walk! There will be 30 boutiques and businesses open for this monthly event. It starts tonight 5:30pm to 10pm. It looks like it will be a great night for shopping! More info: All The Rage blog post - Downtown Fashion Walk -

Crumbs Bakery

I first tried a Crumbs cupcake on my New York trip last May. I was stoked to find out there was a Crumbs Bakery at Americana at Brand. Ooh la la! Cupcakes top my favorite food list, followed by egg burrito and cheese quesadillas. That's why I had to order three cupcakes. I got the lemon, boston cream, and cookie dough. I've been munching on the cupcakes and so far I'm really digging the boston cream cupcake. The chocolate icing is dark chocolate and the custard in the middle of the cupcake gives it a good texture and flavor. The blondie cashier was really nice. We talked and I found out there are plans for another Crumbs store in San Diego. Bummer, no OC location yet! More info: Crumbs -

Americana at Brand & Martin + Osa

Last night, I had time to kill before dinner after pulling another ten hour day. I've always wanted to go to American at Brand and finally checked it out. This outdoor plaza is located near Glendale Galleria. When I walked around, it reminded me of The Grove with the outdoor fountains and tall structures. There was even a cute trolly that takes shoppers up and down the plaza. I only had time to go to one store. Martin + Osa was the lucky one. The staff were really nice. I tried on some jeans, shorts, and a shirt. When they put clothes in my dressing room, they hung it in the room like a display. Very cool! I was even offered bottled water. I felt like wearing the jeans I was trying on and the brunette salesgirl gave me scissors to cut off the sensor and tag for my purchase. When I paid, I asked if there are any Martin + Osa stores in OC and found out there is one in Fashion Island. The manager, Eric, told me to go and say hi to the manager Denny at the Fashion Islan

Loehmann's Men's Store

I think my loyal blog reader (aka my hubby) will like this post. LA Times' All The Rage blog reports that there's a new Loehmann's mens store in Tustin. How convenient! He was just complaining to me the other day that he's tired of seeing Ed Hardy, Citizen for Mankind, and True Religion. The new store will stock suits to casual wear. Very cool! More info: Loehmann's for Men -

Olive Garden's Zeppoli

The other night, my hubby, bro and friend took it to the old school and ate Olive Garden. I got the Tour of Italy. My favorite! It's a lil' pricier now than what I remember in high school but it's probably because the servings are so huge now. The meal was delicious and I do love their salad and breadsticks. They have a new dessert on their menu called Zeppoli. It's an italian doughnut with powdered sugar that you dip in chocolate sauce. Very beignet and churro con chocolate like! I do recommend on your next Olive Garden outing.

Hiking in El Moro Canyon

I convinced my mom we should go hiking the other weekend to get some exercise. I went to El Moro Canyon years ago and have always wanted to return. Going hiking there was invigorating. Seeing all the wilderness and ocean views was so refreshing. We hiked the No Name Ridge Trail with an elevation of 200 feet. It was a great one hour workout with lots of rolling hills. There were a lot of friendly hikers and mountain bikers on the trail, though we did spot a dead scorpion. Eww! More info: Crystal Cove State Park -

Nordstrom's Fashion Mixer

I was browsing on Nordstroms site to read some fashion advice for August. For fall, be on the look out for boyfriend blazers, leggings, pencil skirts, sheath dresses, blouses, long cardigans, studs and chains, and sandals. I am digging the long cardigans and loved creating different looks on their Fashion Mixer site. What a neat tool to play online dress up. More info: Fashion Mixer -

Nordstrom's Love on a Hanger

I think the Nordstrom's Anniversary sale is over, but I had to share what I got on my Friday South Coast Plaza outing. The Junior's department had a nice selection of tops in size small. I've been in love with the label "Love on a Hanger" for several years now. I have a white top and three terry dresses in my closet. My recent purchase are aquamarine and teal ruffly blouses. One was $8.90 and another was $10.80. Gotta love stuff on sale especially from a label you love! Check it out:

Paper Source Sharpie Case

I had a halfday on Friday and went to South Coast Plaza with my brother. One thing that I thought was cool is this neat Sharpie case found in the window display at Paper Source. Imagine a case for your favorite Sharpie pen! I didn't catch the price but what an interesting and cool invention for Sharpie lovers.

Johnson's Baby Oil

I've had dry skin all my life and tried all kinds of lotions from Keri, Aveeno, Bath & Body Works, to Biotherm. I notice one thing that always soothes my dry skin and makes me feel soft is Johnson's Baby Oil. The trick I do is to use it on damp skin after a shower. It may feel a little greasy at first, but it's so worth it. Your skin will feel like a million bucks. More info: Johnson's Baby Oil -

Worthy reads

I read a few articles last week and had to share. *Fashion plates promotion is back ( via OC Register ) *Redevelopment turns area into a foodies' haven ( via LA Times ) *Gilt Groupe launches Gilt Fuse ( via ShopDiary )

United sale ends 08/07

Travelzoo announced a sale from United on flights from Los Angeles. Here are sample fares for Tuesday, Wednesday and saturday flights from August 17 to November 18. Int'l fares are good til December 16. Sample fares from L.A. (each way): - San Francisco ... $49 - Phoenix ... $49 - Las Vegas ... $50 - Cancun ... $109 - Charlotte ... $114 - Boston ... $119 - New York City ... $119 - Zurich ... $279 More info: Use the Flexible Dates tab on the search results page to find the lowest fares.

A New Look for Your Eyes

In yesterday's Yoga Journal newsletter, it featured natural remedies for every woman's eye worry - puffiness, dark circles, and crow's feet. I tend to get puffiness and dark circles - no matter what I do. (Thanks a lot genes. Haha!)Looks like I have to eat warm foods and beverages for dark circles and chew my food slowly for puffiness. More info: A New Look for your Eyes -

Alibi Room

I think I consider Thursdays the start of my weekend. Last Thursday, the hubby, bro and I picked me up after work to go to Alibi Room in Culver City. My bro heard from a friend that they serve Kogi tacos. No more chasing a truck, yeah! When we arrived, we noticed a mixed crowd of young professionals. There were only three bartenders and one server to take care of the hungry crowd. I ordered the three taco combos - spicy pork, short ribs, and tofu. Bro got a tofu breakfast burrito and hubby got spicy pork sliders. We all shared Kogi spicy fries. I loved the pepper they used to season the fries and spicy ketchup. I think that was the favorite part of my meal and then the tacos second. The Ginger Beer was yummy too. It had a lot of bite for ginger ale. A look at the crowded bar: More info: Alibi Room -

Dwell on Design recap

The hubby, mom and I went to Dwell on Design show last June. I finally downloaded the pix and wanted to share a few modern things I saw. We watched an artist design custom murals. Here are some examples of their work. I love the blue birdie. Even kiddie furniture can be modern. This water fountain would look sweet in a garden. I love the square shape. These flower displays were gorgeous. A booth carried this laughing Buddha. If you're on a picnic and using this paper plate but didn't want to throw it away, you wouldn't need to. It's biodegradable and haS birdseed for birds. This fruit tray was made of twine and medal. Made in the Philippines, of course

Chocolate Soldier

Last weekend, my mom and I went to our favorite beach - Laguna. We found a homemade chocolate shop called Chocolate Soldier at the former location of Pottery Shack. We ordered chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate fudge, and chocolate covered gummy bears. I tried the strawberries and they were delish. Can't wait to try the gummy bears I stored in the fridge! More info: Chocolate Soldier -