Alibi Room

I think I consider Thursdays the start of my weekend.

Last Thursday, the hubby, bro and I picked me up after work to go to Alibi Room in Culver City. My bro heard from a friend that they serve Kogi tacos. No more chasing a truck, yeah!

When we arrived, we noticed a mixed crowd of young professionals. There were only three bartenders and one server to take care of the hungry crowd.

I ordered the three taco combos - spicy pork, short ribs, and tofu. Bro got a tofu breakfast burrito and hubby got spicy pork sliders. We all shared Kogi spicy fries. I loved the pepper they used to season the fries and spicy ketchup. I think that was the favorite part of my meal and then the tacos second. The Ginger Beer was yummy too. It had a lot of bite for ginger ale.

A look at the crowded bar:

More info:
Alibi Room -


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