Bourgeois Pig and The Daily Planet

Tuesday equals Friday or maybe I like any excuse to go out. My hubby, bro-in-law, and friends met up in Thai Town to get our grub on at Palms. Oh, how I love that place! Too bad the singing Elvis had the night off. After pigging out on pad kee mow, shrimp fried rice, fried fish, and crying tiger beef, we wanted dessert but they had no mango and sticky rice. Boo!

We yelp'ed a dessert place and found Bourgeois Pig a block away. This place was very Colorado bohemian like. They served hot drinks like coffee, tea, mochas, etc. and had an array of desserts like crumb, carrot, and cheesecake. I tried the Pirate Chai tea, which is a mixture of green tea and chai tea. Pretty good, but not spicy enough. The morrocan mint tea was fragrant and tasty though. I digged the carrot cake too. They even had this cozy back room that reminded me of a forest with blue lighting and overhead Christmas lights.

After our fun there, we went to The Daily Planet. This store is a newstand with cutesy items a la Urban Outfitters. I really liked the pac man candy.

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The Daily Planet -
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