Crumbs Bakery

I first tried a Crumbs cupcake on my New York trip last May. I was stoked to find out there was a Crumbs Bakery at Americana at Brand. Ooh la la!

Cupcakes top my favorite food list, followed by egg burrito and cheese quesadillas. That's why I had to order three cupcakes. I got the lemon, boston cream, and cookie dough. I've been munching on the cupcakes and so far I'm really digging the boston cream cupcake. The chocolate icing is dark chocolate and the custard in the middle of the cupcake gives it a good texture and flavor.

The blondie cashier was really nice. We talked and I found out there are plans for another Crumbs store in San Diego. Bummer, no OC location yet!

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