DSW store @ Metropointe

After watching a movie at Metropointe in Costa Mesa, it is a ritual for me to go window shop at the DSW store. This discount shoe store has an awesome selection of flats, sandals, flip flops, heels, boots, and sneakers. The place I like hitting up first is the clearance section in the back, particularly the size 5 1/2 and 6 area. Surprisingly, there is never a lot of women there. Maybe they don't know about this back room.

On my visit last Friday, I tried on a bunch of different shoes and fell in love with these Steve Madden Luxe heels in taupe on my visit. The price tag said $64.95 with an additional 30% off. Ooh la la!

More info:
DSW Shoes - http://www.dsw.com/


  1. Donna,

    Thank you for the wonderful story of finding those hot Steve Madden Luxe pumps. They're gorgeous!

    Email me at kellycook@dswinc.com and I'll send you a coupon for your next visit.

    So happy to see you unleash your passion for shoes.


    Kelly N. Cook
    Vice President - Customer Strategy, DSW


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