k'ya Laguna Beach

When my mom and I went to Laguna recently, we overheard some guys talking about how great the food is there. I decided this should be the restaurant where the hubby and I will celebrate our three year wedding anniversary.

Last Saturday, I tried making reservations but they were booked and taking walk-ins. When we arrived at the restaurant inside La Casa del Camino, I put my name on the list and took the hubby to the rooftop bar. This bar felt so Miami with the cool ocean breeze and relaxed vibe. I loved that they even offered soft blue blankies in case you get cold. How sweet and cozy!

Thirty minutes later, it was time for dinner. The menu is tapas/small plates style so we decided on three dishes. Lobster macaroni and cheese, shimp and sausage gumbo, tomatoe mozarella salad, and ahi poke. Of all the dishes, I fell in love with the lobster mac and cheese. Maybe it's my love for cheese! I do recommend this place but with a little caveat to get ready for the noise. I think with all the people and close tables the noise has no where to go so it can be a little hard to dine if you like quiet places.

More info:
k'ya Laguna Beach - http://www.kyarestaurant.com/laguna/index_laguna.html


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