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Free shipping on shoes

Nordstroms has a promo code for free shipping on shoes. Use promo code "SHOES" at checkout. Offer ends October 26, 2009.

One shoulder dress

Watching the Emmys the other weekend made me love the style of one shoulder dresses. I soo want to get one to wear to a Vegas wedding next month. Here are some contenders: Urban Outfitters Silence & Noice One Shoulder Dress Victoria's Secret matte jersey one shoulder dress

Jamba Juice offer ends Sunday

I've been addicted to Orange Dream Machine smoothies w/ calcium or daily vitamin boost recently. Here's a coupon I'll use before Sunday. Second smoothie for $1. Whoo hoo!

I can't live without my...

I've been thinking about content for my blog and love how the fashion magazines always do articles on "I can't live without my < fill in the blank with fashion, shoes, food, etc. >". As they say, imitation is the biggest form of flattery, I'd like to blog about some of my favorite things. Here goes.... I can't live without my DiorShow Mascara. Even though I already have thick long lashes, I want them to stand out even more. This mascara doesn't disappoint. First, I heat my Shu Uemera eyelash curler with a quick blast of my hairdryer. Then, I swipe two or three brushes on my lashes and I'm all set. I do notice this mascara smears easily if I sleep on the train, but that just means I can swipe off the smears in the work bathroom before I start my workday. More info: DiorShow Mascara -

Cupcake Workshop

On Saturday, I took a cupcake workshop at Sur La Table in Newport. I was twenty minute lates, oops! Chef Rochelle Taylor was explaining the recipes to the group of woman. When I sat down, it was time to split up into groups. The Smores cupcake and Black and White cupcake group. I chose Smores of course.The recipe was interesting. You get graham crackers and put it in a food processor to make into a fine powder. You put that on the bottom of the cupcake tin and put dark chocolate on top. Then, you bake for 10 minutes. The rest was a blur as I was watching the other women in my group mix the dry and wet ingredients separately. The icing was a marshmallow frosting. Mmm! I even learned how to frost. The strawberry cone cupcake was cool. You put ice cream cones in a tin and put aluminum foil to hold it up in place. I learned how to beat egg whites in an electric mixer with a Days Of Our Lives Marlena lookalike. She was very encouraging and approved my egg whites. I remember the other

Old Navy Clearance

Two weekends ago, my hubby decided to go to the Marketplace so he could go to Loehmann's Mens while I go to Old Navy. I've realized that the clearance rack at Old Navy never disappoints. For a mere fifty eight smackaroos, I scored a bunch of work and casual tops. A green tank, a purple spaghetti strap tank, green medium length tee, pink short sleeve cardigan, and two tanks in dark grey and yellow. What's funny is my hubby spent the same amount and only got jeans and a long sleeve shirt.


A couple weeks ago, the hubby, brother-in-law and friend suggested we meet up at Pena's in Santa Ana for tacos. Mmm, how can I resist that after driving in traffic after work! How do I describe Pena's? It's a quaint and humble Mexican restaurant that serves yummy tacos, has saddle bar stools, and a juke box with all the cool Hispanic artists. I wanted to play Celia De La Cruz or Enrique Iglesias but boo, the machine ate my four quarters. Sadly, I don't remember the names of the tacos since my bro-in-law ordered. Lemme tell ya, the carne asada tacos w/ the green salsa was delicious. The pork ones were ultra tasty too. More info: Pena's -

Billion Dollar Babes

My friend Francois invited me to Billion Dollar Babes, a site selling designer stuff at 48 hour flash sales. I've been to one of their sales events in Hollywood way back when and remember buying some comfy Eberjay pajamas. They will be having a holiday soale this November 6 and 7 at Petersen Automative Museum in LA. Better save the date! More info: Billion Dollar Babes -

7 For All Mankind Warehouse Sale

Got this link from my friend Bev. 7 for All Mankind Warehouse sale at the LA convention center starting this Sept 26 to 27. More info: 7 For All Mankind Warehouse Sale -

The Beautiful Life

I think I'll be staying in more this fall. On Tuesday nights, there's 90210 and Melrose Place. Last night, I watched The Beautiful Life. Imagine fashion and drama. Reminds me of Models Inc, that popular show in the 90's. Mischa Barton plays a good supermodel and a real supermodel Elle Macpherson plays the owner of a modeling agency. Looks like I have another guilty pleasure this fall. Yay! More info: TBL -

Farmers Market

Every Tuesday from 9am to 1pm, there's a Farmers Market in Tustin on Jamboree and Irvine Blvd. I love going when I'm in OC on Tuesday. Last time, I got plums, yellow peaches, brocolli, tabouli, pita chips, falafel, and corn. My $20 went a long way. Mmm, I love fresh fruits!

Laguna Culinary Arts wine deal

Saw this offer from a Laguna Culinary Arts email. Mmm, how I love queso and bread! --- The Wine's On Us! A Complimentary Glass of Wine With the Purchase of a $12.00 Cheese Plate (cheese plates include, dried fruit, nuts, olives and bread) Offer Valid Tues 9/15/09 -Thurs 9/17/09 Dine in Only 845 Laguna Canyon Rd 949-494-4006

Spotted: Anna Sui for Target

Yay, Gossip Girl premiere is tonight! I saw a commercial for Anna Sui for Target. I browsed on the Target site and saw a lot of cool dresses. Too bad some of them are sold out. I'll have to check out a Target store in person. More info: Anna Sui for Target -

Apple picking

My brother-in-law's girlfriend and I are planning a double date w/ our men to go apple picking at the end of the month. The choices are Oak Glen or Julian. If we go to Julian, it would be great to reminisce my last visit there. They have the best apple pie and apple juice ever. Mmm. Here are some choices: Oak Glen area: Riley's - Willow Brook Apple - Julian: Julian orchards - I'm sure I'll post about our apple picking adventure.

Quantas deals

I saw an email in my inbox about great deals from Los Angeles to New Zealand and Australia. One great fare is $798 from LA to Auckland. Deals end September 15. More info: Quantas international flights -

Orange County Restaurant Week 09/13 to 09/19

My sister-in-law's Xanh Bistro will be participating in next week's Orange county Restaurant Week. This restaurant week is perfect for foodies like me. Restaurants will be offering specials at great prices. There will also be free in-store demos by Orange County chefs at Bloomingdale's Home Store at South Coast Plaza. More info: Orange County Restaurant Week -

Cupcake Workshop @ Sur La Table

The last cooking class I did was at Laguna Culinary Arts to make thai food. This time, I wanted to learn something new and found a cupcake workshop at Sur La Table in Newport Beach. The menu includes Lemon-Raspberry Cupcakes - Black and White Cupcakes - Strawberry Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes - S'mores Cupcakes. Ooh, I can't wait! I bet I will devour the lemon raspberry cucakes. More info: Cupcake Workshop -

Tulsa Rib Company

On Sunday night, I tried Tulsa Rib Company with the my hubby, nephews, bro-in-law and his girlfriend. My bro-in-law and girlfriend went the night before and liked it so much we had to return. This restaurant in Orange was really good. I shared the baby back ribs with the hubby. I liked that the meat on the ribs fell off the bones. Mmm! The side of bbq beans, cornbread muffin, and cole slaw were really tasty too. I'd definitely return for seconds! More info: Tulsa Rib Company -

Food eye candy

My hubby is helping his sister by taking photos of homemade organic cookies she is selling. I don't have those pix handy, but a friend mentioned two sites with awesome food photography. Check out these sites for food eye candy: foodgawker - TasteSpotting -


Yesterday, after church, the parents, hubby and I went to Mitsuwa so I can get my karu miso ramen fix at Santouka. Outside the supermarket, there was a vendor selling taiyaki. I was first introduced to taiyaki at Mochilato. It's a fish shaped pancake sweetened with a yummy filling. I ordered 3 for $5 and got the custard, red bean and chocolate. Mmm!

Orange International Fair

Every Labor Day weekend, the Orange International Fair comes to town in Old Town Orange. Each street features different ethnic food and entertainment. As in any outdoor fair, the booth selling wristbands and beer is always popular (especially with the frat boy species. Haha!). Last night, the hubby and I decided to brave the crowds and get dinner down there. Though I felt like a sardine walking through the crowds, it was worth it when I got to Denmark Street and got my favorite pastry in the fair called abelskivers. Imagine fluffy round donuts topped with strawberry jam and powdered sugar. Yum yum! The other food (spicy bratwurst with saurkraut, beef taco, and cheese quesadilla) I ate didn't compare to my abelskivers. I think the fair ends today, but do check it out next year for the abelskivers. Mmm! More info: Orange Street Fair -


I first tried Frosted a few months back and love this place so much. I think it has to be my favorite cupcake place so far. To beat last Sunday's heat, I asked the hubby if we can drop by Frosted where I happily ordered three cupcakes. I think that three is the magic number. Orange Cream Cheese, Lemon Cream Cheese, and Royal White Nutella were the lucky ones I walked out with. All of them were perfecto! My hubby liked them too. He likes cupcakes for the cake part and doesn't like frosting that much. That's saying a lot for someone who doesn't have a sweet tooth like me. I highly recommend this place if you are ever in the Long Beach area. More info: Frosted -

Cupcake Squared

If you read my blog, you probably know I'm obsessed with cupcakes. In my Google research, I came across a bakery in San Diego that does cupcakes in the shape of a square. How cute! I definitely gotta try on my next visit to the 619. More info: Cupcake Squared -