Cupcake Workshop

On Saturday, I took a cupcake workshop at Sur La Table in Newport. I was twenty minute lates, oops! Chef Rochelle Taylor was explaining the recipes to the group of woman. When I sat down, it was time to split up into groups. The Smores cupcake and Black and White cupcake group.

I chose Smores of course.The recipe was interesting. You get graham crackers and put it in a food processor to make into a fine powder. You put that on the bottom of the cupcake tin and put dark chocolate on top. Then, you bake for 10 minutes. The rest was a blur as I was watching the other women in my group mix the dry and wet ingredients separately. The icing was a marshmallow frosting. Mmm! I even learned how to frost.

The strawberry cone cupcake was cool. You put ice cream cones in a tin and put aluminum foil to hold it up in place. I learned how to beat egg whites in an electric mixer with a Days Of Our Lives Marlena lookalike. She was very encouraging and approved my egg whites. I remember the other woman made the batter and I helped scoop the batter into the cones. We baked for 28 minutes. We didn't frost or decorate them, since it was the end of class and everyone got distracted by all the complete cupcakes to try.

I bought a cupcake box so I could bring some home. Check out what the other groups made - lemon raspberry cupcake and black and white. Mmm, how I adore cupcakes!


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