I can't live without my...

I've been thinking about content for my blog and love how the fashion magazines always do articles on "I can't live without my < fill in the blank with fashion, shoes, food, etc. >".

As they say, imitation is the biggest form of flattery, I'd like to blog about some of my favorite things. Here goes....

I can't live without my DiorShow Mascara. Even though I already have thick long lashes, I want them to stand out even more. This mascara doesn't disappoint. First, I heat my Shu Uemera eyelash curler with a quick blast of my hairdryer. Then, I swipe two or three brushes on my lashes and I'm all set. I do notice this mascara smears easily if I sleep on the train, but that just means I can swipe off the smears in the work bathroom before I start my workday.

More info:
DiorShow Mascara - http://sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P40404&categoryId=S10510&shouldPaginate=true


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