Orange International Fair

Every Labor Day weekend, the Orange International Fair comes to town in Old Town Orange. Each street features different ethnic food and entertainment. As in any outdoor fair, the booth selling wristbands and beer is always popular (especially with the frat boy species. Haha!).

Last night, the hubby and I decided to brave the crowds and get dinner down there. Though I felt like a sardine walking through the crowds, it was worth it when I got to Denmark Street and got my favorite pastry in the fair called abelskivers. Imagine fluffy round donuts topped with strawberry jam and powdered sugar. Yum yum! The other food (spicy bratwurst with saurkraut, beef taco, and cheese quesadilla) I ate didn't compare to my abelskivers.

I think the fair ends today, but do check it out next year for the abelskivers. Mmm!

More info:
Orange Street Fair -


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