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I have a subscription to american baby magazine and saw an article about Milkmakers . It's a chocolate chip cookie with oats, brewer's yeast and flaxseed that promotes milk supply. I already do mothers milk tea and oatmeal. This sounded like a great compliment to what I already do. I've tried the cookies for a week and it seems to be working. I was able to pump a lot the other day I pumped. I did have to warn my dad not to eat it though. Haha. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Beyond the rack

I got an Invite from a girlfriend to beyond the rack. It's a site that offers designer items up to 70% off. I def can't pass up a shopping site. Check it out and get a membership. They have stuff for men, women, babies, kids, home and travel. Ooh! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Spotted on my iPhone

I have a lot of free time since I'm on a family vacation in Colorado. Here are some interesting links from my iPhone: Zumba classes - I tried zumba on Monday night with a mommy friend and loved it. I def want to try when I return to oc Best mascaras - I have been researching mascaras and saw this story. My sis got me lancome's hypnose and I bought Armani's eyes to kill excess. Stay tuned for some reviews on these mascaras. Joe's jeans - my train friend was wearing these and I found them online. $167 is kinda steep for pants, but they are super cute. LA Times critic outed - I read this blog post and was shocked. I read her restaurant reviews and love her recommendations. I can't believe a restaurant took her picture and outed her. How sad! She's worked so hard to be anonymous in this digital age and this happens. What an unfortunate incident. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Daniel's of Paris

My hubby brought me to a French bakery in aurora yesterday so I can pick up treats for a brunch. I was so amazed by all the treats. Eclairs, napoleons, Danishes, cookies, cupcakes, croissants, tarts - they had it all. I ordered a nice sampler for our friend's house. I tried a lil bit of everything after brunch. I def recommend this Coloradan bakery. Yummy! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Freddy's steakburgers

Yesterday, i was craving fries so hubby was nice to get me a burger and fries at freddy's in aurora. The fries were thin cut, while the burger wasn't a patty but grounded up beef a la sloppy joes. The single patty was enough to squash my craving. Overall, it didn't quite satisfy like a five guys or carls jr burger, but was still good. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


I first saw a little girl wearing leggings in a little gym class a few weeks ago and knew I had to get them for baby girl. My package from babylegs arrived today. Hooray! I think I spent $30 or $40 bucks on these. Bebe wore a brown pair today. Too cute! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Eye mask

I got this cute eye mask at H&M last week. It's the best $4.95 I've ever spent. I love sleeping in the dark and this tricks me to think I am. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

William Rast @ Target

Jt will be bringing sexy back at target this dec 19 to Jan 22. His William Rast collection will be at Target . Can't wait to check out the denim shirts and biker chic apparel. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Alice + Olivia Keds

Neiman Marcus has really cute Alice + Olivia Keds on sale for $58. I have a pair of Keds I got at TJ maxx and they're so comfy. If I didn't have lots of shoes already, I'd get these. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

The Block

Last Sunday, my mom and I shopped at the Block. I definitely recommend going there for some deals. Here's what I saw: -$5.99 tops at windsor -$9.90 cargo pants at holister -31% to 41% off at Kenneth Cole -fall sale at children's place. Got baby pants for $2.99 -$7 scarf at h&m -winter accessories at h&m. Puffer jacket, gloves, beanies Happy shopping! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


My mom suggested meeting up In Cerritos today. I gladly took her up on her offer. Before meeting up, I got to pig out at goldilock's. Their lunch express is such a good deal. You can get two items for a lil over 6 bucks. I chose the pancit, rice, spaghetti and pork adobo. Yum, I say! The spaghetti reminds me of one I had At chow king in the Philippines. Their adobo wasn't like the stew I'm used to, but good as a meat dish. The pancit was just like any you'd get from a family party. For dessert, I went crazy and bought chicken empanada, hopia, cassava cake and ube cupcake. Whaa? A Filipino Cupcake. I can't wait to try it and see if it can compare. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Teen vogue finds

I'm reading teen vogue on the train right now. Not sure why my bro has a subscription but who am I to judge? Haha. Here are some finds: - Jewel mint is a custom design jewelry company by Kate bosworth and her stylist. -Michelle Phan has a make up Fans watching her how to's on YouTube. Shes also lamcomes video makeup artist. Self taught too. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Watch necklace

Isn't my watch necklace so cute? I got it on for $19.99. It's made from recycled parts and looks very vintage. This little owl keeps me on time to my meetings and tells ms when it is lunch time. Hoo hoo! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Sketcher's Shape Ups

These are my new Sketcher's I bought with my mom at Cabazon outlets on black Friday. I wasn't really looking to buy new sneaks, but she got a pair and the $79.95 sale price was too good to pass up. I wore them for the first time on the train and surprisingly liked them. I feel tall in them. I seem to stand up taller. It makes you balance on middle of your feet instead of heel and toe. Hopefully it can help me lose post baby weight. Pretty cool, though! I recommend em if you need comfy sneaks. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Cougar Ringo Star Boots

Ever since I saw these cold weather boots on Shoe Blog, I have been obsessed with them. I think they'll totally work for Colorado and my LA commute. Come look w/ me: DSW -

Red velvet

My recent observations have led me to believe red velvet is becoming mainstream. No longer just a cupcake flavor, ice cream and drinks are following along. Coffee Bean has a new winter drink called red velvet cocoa. I haven't tried it yet, but it sure sounds good. Baskin Robbins announced in their e-newsletter they have a red velvet ice cream flavor. Yum, though I think it's a little too cold for a frozen dessert this time of year. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Boutinqing event 12/05

Found out from yelp there will be a shopping event this Sunday in costa Mesa. 40 boutiques will be on site. Up to 75% off too. More details: Yelp link - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Black Friday

Happy black Friday! I plan on going to Cabazon outlets with my mom to get deals with the crazy crowds. Maybe I can find some boots or Christmas presents. Shoe blog named some great online deals this morning. Click here for more details. For Armani make up fans, use "FRIENDS" promo code to save 20% off with free shipping. Happy shopping! Time to work off all the food I ate. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


I have heard so much hype about Brodard's in little Saigon. They have a reputation of having the best spring roll. My brother and I were starving yesterday. Okay, maybe it was just me. After I got the baby to nap, I asked my dad to watch her. We escaped to little Saigon to grub. I ordered the bun ha noi, which is vermicelli noodles with meat galore. Pork, bacon, hamburger patty. I love the pretty boat it came in. To start, we had a vegetarian spring roll filled with tofu, sweet potato, and other good stuff I can't remember. The menu said $8 for four rolls so it better be good. It was! It had some crunchy thing inside. You could taste the vegetables wrapped inside. Wow, it was good. It does live up to the hype. More info: Brodard's in Westminster. Cross streets are brookhurst and Westminster behind 99 cents store - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Little Gym

I signed up baby for an introductory parent/child class at Little Gym in Huntington Beach tomorrow. I can't wait to take her to her "Bugs" class and see how it is. She barely sees her kind (babies) so it'll be neat for her to play and encourage her development. More info:


Check out what happened to my boot last week. I got these fake suede black boots from Hong Kong years ago and they finally gave out. Eeks! I asked my girlfriends for sites where they would go boots shopping and wanted to share the list. They also reminded me to google online coupon codes for free shipping/discounts. Happy shoe shopping! (just saw some cute suede slouch boots on sale!)

Eat drink pink 11/20

This Saturday, there will be an eat drink pink event in fountain valley from 6pm to 10pm. Restaurants, bakeries, and caterers will have "pink" tastings for $10 to benefit breast cancer and research. Food and charity,I'm in! More info: - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Soco food trucks & farmers market

I saw the sign off the freeway that Soco off harbor will have food trucks and farmer's market on Saturdays from 9am to 2pm. It sounded like a baby friendly event so I made plans to go today. Hubby just returned from a biz trip this morning. After some cuddle time w baby, we were off to eat. There were six trucks there serving Greek, Singapore fusion, vegan, Spanish, crepes and shaved ice. We decided on Barcelona on the go and chomp chomp Singapore truck. He got the sirloin steak and fries with chimichurri sauce and Spanish grilled cheese. Both were delicious. I was impressed by the yummy steak. The grilled cheese was sweet too with manchego cheese and meat. I got the crabcake slider for $7.50 at the chomp chomp truck. Though it was small, it was the right size for me. The sandwich was super tasty. For dessert, I got an organic strawberry luscious cupcake from seabird truck. It was good but nothing special for $3.75. I think I like my non organic cupcakes more. Hah

Sugar blossom bake shop

I had a cupcake craving after getting a massage and facial At Talega spa. (thanks hubby!) The receptionist recommended sugar blossom bake shop. I also read about it on yelp. It had some okay reviews but then again you can never trust those wannabe food critics sometimes. Haha! This cute shop is located in downtown San Clemente and shares a patio with a restaurant. It's walking distance from their library and the beach is nearby too. The bake shop had a few flavors from lemon, vanilla, coconut, red velvet, smores,chocolate mint. Plus an assortment of cookies. I decided on the lemon, smores, and red velvet one plus their oatmeal cranberry cookie. So far, I have inhaled their smores and red velvet one. Delish! If u are ever in downtown San Clemente, do check out this spot. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Aerial dance fitness

Have you ever been impressed with cirque du soleil performers and wondered how do they do that? I forgot how I found out about this, but there's a lady in oc who teaches aerial dancing. There's even a fitness class for it. I was thinking about checking it out one day. Classes are offered in costa Mesa and fountain valley. More info: - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Sugar Me Bakery

Last night, I was starving after My train ride. I had 30 minutes to kill before dinner so decided cupcakes would make a good snack. I yelped and found Sugar Me Bakery. It was located inside a bagel me shop. I was expecting lots of flavors but only saw apple pie, vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet. They also sold cookies too. The giant cupcakes looked great. I decided on the red velvet and apple pie. The red velvet had the typical cream cheese frosting and cake was moist. I had a few bites of the apple pie one and thought it tasted weird. I'll have to try some more later. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Patty wagon review

So, I fell in line around one o'clock yesterday. I liked that the line wasn't too bad. I orders their new deal special of 2 classic mini burgers with Rosemary garlic fries and a drink for $9. It was a little pricy for lunch but life is all about splurging once in a while. When I got back to my cube, I couldn't wait to scarf down my food. I couldn't tell that it was grass fed beef and good for me. The fries were a lil crunchy, not my preference but I liked it nonetheless. Overall, I'll definitely visit the truck if it comes my way. They have other mini burgers I'd love to try. As other food bloggers have said, it would have been great if this lunch truck was paired with a dessert truck. How yum would that be! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Sephora 20% off

My bro is the best. He sent me a promo code for 20% off at Sephora. Hurry, it expires on November 3. More info: Slick Deal link -

Patty Wagon

Just got an email that the Patty Wagon truck is going to be at my work tomorrow. Can't wait to try it. From what I hear, they have delicious mini burgers and knock your socks off deelicious rosemary garlic fries. More info: Patty Wagon -

Back to work clothes

I've had to buy some back to work clothes to wear this past week. The limited, banana republic and old navy had some great sales recently. Check out my finds! Black cardigan, pink & black shirt, khaki slacks, grey and black stripe slacks Black long sleeve tee, grey cargo pants. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Bon marche

Next to ebisu market is a bakery/cafe called Bon Marche. My diabetic mom introduced me to this bakery years ago and got me the chocolate mousse. This cake is to die for. It has slivers of melt in your mouth milk chocolate decorated on top. The cake isn't too rich but super chocolatey. A slice is $3.25. Yum! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Sweet Jill's

On Sunday, we attended the kite festival in seal beach. After all the fun kite flying, we got some snacks in their downtown. I got a huge strawberry cupcake at sweet jill's. It was humongous for being $3.85. I liked that it was a moist cake and not dollopped with tons of frosting like other places. Highly recommended if you're in the seal beach area! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Madeline's Confectionary

On Friday, bebe and I met up with a friend and her daughter at downtown Disney. I haven't been there forever. After going to build a bear and Disney store, we felt like getting a snack and got some sweets. We ordered the mini cupcake sampler, ghost marshmallow stick and some cookies. The mini cupcakes were surprisingly good. I got to try the coconut, red velvet And Carrot. Here are some pics from their display case: - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

South Coast Plaza Style Event 10/05

I'll definitely be attending this event. There will be fashion shows, shopping specials, DJs, and refreshments at the mall next Tuesday from 6pm to 10pm. Oh how I love South Coast!

Ebisu take out

I spent almost $25 on lunch yesterday. Can you believe it? I think I had another case of "don't go to the grocery store when you're hungry." Ebisu supermarket in fountain valley is the go to grocery for Japanese food. I always forget they have a sushi take out until my brother reminded me. I needed to grab a quick lunch while my brother watched the baby nap, so went to ebisu. I grabbed the salmon bento and nigiri & sushi combo for me, plus a poke bowl for my bro. I got a can of guava passionfruit juice to wash it down. When i got home, we feasted like kings. Yum! I loved how the sushi was so fresh And restaurant like. Here's a glimpse of their selection: - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Banzai Bowl

After my allergist appointment this morning, I went to banzai bowl nearby. I have been obsessed with acai bowls for a couple weeks now, from jamba juice acai topper to keane's acai energy bowl. The shark cove I ordered is the best acai bowl I've ever had. It was topped with goji berries, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, and granola. I love that the smoothie was made with almond milk. Yum! Yelp'ers complain about the wait time but my wait for my to go order wasn't too bad. You should definitely check out this 17th street spot in Newport-Mesa! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Oct 3 beach events

I was reading my Westways magazine and saw two cool family friendly events happening this Sunday. Kite festival in seal beach. I went one time and made my own kite. Very cool! Sandcastle contest in corona del mar. I attended one year and saw elaborate castles. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Sweet & Saucy Shop

Baby and I were in long beach on Friday and yelp'ed a cupcake place. We went to sweet & saucy. This store was located In a busy strip mall with lots of parking. The banner up front announced they were on an episode of fabulous cakes in august. How cool! This cupcakery was different. Their cupcakes were featured on cake stands versus the normal line em up style you see at other places. They also had small variety but offered cookies, mini cupcakes, and cake pops. I'll have to try cake pops next time. All the signage pointed out they're popular for weddings. How neat! I decided on four flavors to take home: red velvet, candy bar, lemon and Chocolate nutella. So far I like red velvet. It has a hint of chocolate and real cream cheese frosting. The candy bar one has peanut butter frosting drizzled with caramel and a vanilla cake filled with chocolate. It's too snicker's bar for me. I try to keep liking peanut butter but no go. Up next are the chocolate nutella

Cupcake drool bib

I was at Carter's this week buying a present and couldn't resist buying this cute cupcake drool bib. It's made of Terry like towel material and perfect to wipe up my drooling baby when I don't have a burp cloth. Not bad for $2.80! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

I can't live without my...

Smashbox primer. It's an extra step when applying make-up but so worth it. I got tired of my foundation always melting off my face so decided to invest in some primer. Now, when I run around with my baby I look like I made an effort instead of looking like a mess. Haha! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

I can't live without my...

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate . It has natural oils and moisturizes my dry skin. I look somewhat refreshed in the morning in spite of the middle of the night feedings. I find it comparable to Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair.

Brazilian Street Carnaval - 09/19

I attended a Brazilian Street Festival in Long Beach years ago w/ my salsa dancing girlfriend. It was so much fun to see all the dancing and costumes. There will be entertainment, parades, and food. It will be happening Sunday September 19 from noon to 9pm. Admission is $20 at the gate and $15 pre-sale. Children under 12 are free. More info: 13th Annual Brazilian Street Carnaval

Big Fat Cupcakes

There's nothing like eating a cupcake at the end of the day. It's just so calming and relaxing. Our CO friend dropped off 3 cupcakes from big fat cupcakes this morning. I didn't know what the flavors were til I tried them just now. From left to right, a vanilla cake with vanilla frosting and mini m&ms, chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting, chocolate cake with chocolate and toffee topping. My favorite has to be the chocolate cake with toffee. The smooth chocolate totally goes with the sweet toffee crunch. Yum! I have such thoughtful friends. Hooray! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

The Daily Scoop

We hung out at my hubby's sister's house today after eating brunch. In the afternoon, we walked to a neighborhood ice cream shop called The Daily Scoop. This Denver shop serves frozen custard in chocolate, vanilla and the flavor of the day. The friendly cashier said the flavor du jour was English toffee. I ordered that in a waffle bowl. Yum, yum I say! It was definitely on the super sweet side but still good. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Lovely Confections

I'm on a lil family vacay in Colorado right now and researched cupcake places to try. I asked friends, looked on yelp, browsed on sites. I decided on Lovely Confections since it's near Cherry Creek mall. The site said they have organic and local cupcakes. Sold! The 4.5 stars on yelp also convinced me to check it out. After beating the heat at Cherry Creek mall, hubby took me here. I decided on four to share with my niece and nephew. The owner was super helpful As i ordered Lemon, bees nees (lavender), strawberries and cream, and red velvet. When I got to my mother in law's house, we attacked the cupcakes with a fork. They all tasted light and moist with just the right amount of frosting. The red velvet had a hint of chocolate feel, the lemon was exactly how I like my lemon cupcakes, and the lavender had a subtle flavor. My favorite had to be the strawberries and cream. It was my first time trying a strawberry cupcake. Yum! Denver peeps should definitely check this cu

Marco's Coal Fired Pizza

Last night, we went to dinner in downtown Denver with longtime Colorado friends at Marco's. The restaurant was packed when we joined our friends. This place is the only certified Neopolitan restaurant in Colorado. I ordered the Del Mar pizza with mushrooms and prosciutto. It was delicious and reminded me of Pizzeria mozza in LA. Here are other pizza pies our friends ordered: - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Baby clothes

I think baby clothes are so cute. The hubby bought baby girl an adorable yellow dress painted with animals from Gilt. And my niece got baby some teeny tiny Mary Jane socks from a sock store she works at. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


I have the best brother in the world. He bought me cupcakes from Frostings in Lake Forest. He got me lemon, raspberry chocolate, german chocolate, and orange flavors. I inhaled the raspberry chocolate and orange. I loved the raspberry chocolate one - tasted like my wedding cake. The orange had sweet icing with a vanilla cake. What's funny is my brother overheard the employee answer the phone Sprinkles. Haha! I definitely will try this cupcakery again. More info: - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone