Robert's Russian Cuisine

My brother and his friends suggested eating Russian food on Friday night since we couldn't decide what to eat when we were in LA. I haven't had Russian food since my 1992 visit and all I remembered was a lot of cold meat and caviar. Time to refresh my memory!

My brother drove down this lovely restaurant on La Brea. When we walked in, I noticed two tables with large groups having a good old time and the decor looking very Eastern European. I couldn't wait to sit down and order. Our waiter was an older gentleman who explained the menu and helped me decide.

My brother got the seafood platter, his friend got the lamb plate while I ordered the chiken a la moscow. Imagine chicken with lemon and garlic. The entree came with soup, rice and potatoes. The potatoes were great - crunchy and soft. I tried the Russian borscht soup. My brother said it's what minestrone should be. Everything was very flavorful and filling. I definitely will try Russian food again after this experience.

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